Massive CR-48 update lands with "fixed trackpad"

Those of you in the Pilot Program rejoice! Google has officially made available a large update for the new platform which brings a large amount of bug fixes, including a "fix" for the trackpad. The update brings Chrome OS to version, which is coincidental, considering Chrome itself just hit version 10.

We haven't had a chance to try it out ourselves yet, but TechCrunch reports the update is significant, and brings a lot of changes to the table, including;

  • 3G modem activation fixes
  • 3G connection to the carrier fixes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes
  • New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted
  • Auto update engine and debugging improvements
  • Power optimizations
  • GTalk video/chat optimizations
  • Audio CPU utilization improvements
  • Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon

The fixes are sure to be welcomed by many. We're wondering if the "3G Modem activation fixes" could mean that those with a CR-48 outside of the US may be able to use the 3G modem (those who didn't get the modem activated on Verizon can't use it right now). Hopefully the update will bring the platform into a more usable state. We'll update this article when we've had a chance to take it for a whirl and see for ourselves the change.

Have you updated your CR-48? How are you finding the update? Let us know in the comments!

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wow. i didn't know the cr-48 had problems (yeah. bleh i know it's in beta)

i'm still waiting for my laptop to be delivered! lol

PotatoJ said,
Good Hopefully a good programmer got his hands on it.

Because it's sooo much different than the Chrome Browser, right?

I believe the Dev branch is past this build, I'd have to check mine... but if that is the case, it would be safe to assume the Dev branch already has these incorporated, right?

TrOjAn. said,
Haven't got mine yet, waiting like 3 months now
does everybody gets one who signed up for it, or only some who got selected?

Not everyone gets one. They already have selected everyone who gets the Cr-48. If you don't have one by now it's safe to assume you were not selected.

Okay thanks for the info.

I'm an IT student and I have really spent some time to fill in those form corrently and motivate my answers very well. Who do they pick then?

Good to see progress being made. My CR-48 snagged this up, and it did seem to make the trackpad behave a little more...but now, it seems I have some sort of audio issue. I sometimes have to reboot to get my audio to work again, after muting it....but it's really no big hassle, as it doesn't take long to reboot. I had to manually set up my 3G, so I really can't say whether or not they got it working "right out of the box". Other than that, I love my little CR-48! (and it keeps getting better and better)

Apparently the reason we ran out of IPv4 addresses is because Google reserved them all for Chrome OS version numbers.


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