McAfee predicts "rapid development" of Windows 8 attacks in 2013

While we have been reporting on the antics of its founder, John McAfee, in recent weeks, some might forget that the company he formed is still one of the biggest names in the antivirus industry. Today, McAfee (the company now owned by Intel) released its annual report that tries to predict the threats that will show up in terms of malware and other online attacks in the next 12 months.

The report, in PDF format, predicts that in 2013 we will see "rapid development of ways to attack Windows 8". While McAfee does say that Windows 8 is more secure than other versions of Windows released in the past, that doesn't mean malware creators and hackers can't go after it. It states:

Now that the underground market for attack and malware kits is much more competitive than three years ago, it is likely that Windows 8–specific malware will be available quicker than Windows 7–specific malware appeared.

The report also points out that attacks go after users more often than the OS. Therefore, people who use any version of Windows should keep an eye out to avoid phishing scams that can serve as a way into a Windows 8 PC if the person opens the door to such a scam.

Today's report from McAfee goes over a host of other threats it predicts will be a problem for the PC and Internet industries in 2013, including threats that could come from HTML5-based websites and apps. The report states, "We’re certain that attackers will turn their attention to finding holes in HTML5 security in 2013. The question is how quickly they’ll succeed."

Source: McAfee
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Hey, they need to rebuild their image somehow. Anything to distract people from the sideshow court case!

It's the antivirus companies making all these stupid useless virus... hardly any of them have any real payload, what a waste of time... if you were going to spend the time to write a virus, it should probably do something, no?

With Windows 8 apps being sandboxed, and the Windows 8 Desktop mode even more secure than Windows 7 with security natively built in, these guys are obviously just trolling to sell their software.

.Neo said,
Scare the public into buying your products. Great strategy.

They all do that, and everyone who's not a techie just eats it right up. Even more so on mobile devices.

You really think the AV companies need to create malware? Take the newest GPcode ransom malware, it`s going for over $40,000 with one month support, they have a hard enough time keeeping up now (allthough they don`t)!

Riggers said,
You really think the AV companies need to create malware?

Of course AV companies create malware! What kind of fairy tale world are you living in? You're telling me that McAfee guy is legit?

Sorry but i have to call you on that one. Please show me more than one instance where it has been proven. I think there was an incident with a Chinese AV company a few years back but apart from that i can`t recall anything.
And what`s John McAfee got to do with it, he sold the company years ago and Intel own it now.
Me thinks it`s you who`s living in a fairy tale

Why Windows 8? I'm a fan and even I can see there are bigger fish out there. Android only ets a brief mention but to me it seems Androud is a perfect candidate to attack. It's an open platform with poor to mediocre security features (depending on the version) and it has by far the biggest marketshare.