McAfee's device could disallow the NSA from accessing your phone

McAfee wants to "defeat the NSA" with Decentral.

Software guru John McAfee has announced a device- called “Decentral”-that could potentially block the NSA and other spy agencies from invading your privacy.

McAfee made the announcement over the weekend to around 300 software engineers, musicians and artists at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

The eccentric millionaire explained the pocket gadget will protect mobile devices from being accessed by creating a decentralised, floating and moving network that cannot be accessed externally. "Decentral" is reportedly capable of having a range of three blocks in the city, or a quarter of a mile in the country (400 meters).  

"There will be no way (for the government) to tell who you are or where you are," he told moderator Dan Holden at the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival. He added if the US government was to ban its sale, "I'll sell it in England Japan, the Third World. This is coming and cannot be stopped."

McAfee said the device, which is aimed for primarily for commuters, was an idea that he had for a long time. After the Edward Snowden leaks, he knew it “became the right time” to produce it. The gadget will retail for around US$100. However, it may be a while until it is made available to the public seeing as the prototype is six months away.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with McAfee, you have probably heard of him in the past. Last year, we reported he escaped Belize after being wanted on suspicion of murder. His extravagant lifestyle and his eccentric personality has earned him the unofficial title of the tech world's wild child. 


While it will be made available for both Android and iOS phones, there has been no mention of availability for Windows Phone- yet.

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i still think, rather than attempting to block the NSA, we should be feeding them so much cr@p info that it would be virtually useless. Imagine every phone, tablet and pc on the globe, sending a random text from a list of flag words, at random intervals. What they going to do? They can't possibly follow up on billions of messages happening every so many seconds.

Just get rid of the NSA, problem solved. I was hoping they would crash and burn during the shutdown, but apparently it didn't stop them from continuing construction of the 2 Billion dollar spy center.

It's not just the NSA, and besides, this product he wants to sell is probably designed by the NSA to be an enhancement to their existing capabilities.

Sorry, but didn't John go bat**** crazy, make false claims about his anti virus ending in him being forces out of the company, start some kind of weird flying school that resulted in deaths, then move to south America to snort cocaine while trying to discover miracle medicine, and was then allegedly wanted for murder and fled the region?

Yea I'm going to believe the **** he says.

I watched an interview where he talked about this last week though I still don't get it. His explanation was you kept on the move and kept changing the social group thing you were in, there was no mention of a huge talking network or anything and I don't quite see how that'd be possible unless you had thousands of them in a row?

I would say they'd be unable to stop this coming to market.
If they cannot stop Julian Assange from leaking their most trusted secrets, then I cant see them stopping this either

JHBrown said,
Won't the government stop such a device? Or are they out of their jurisdiction on such a device?

With the uproar over their egregious spying efforts, I would be shocked if they tried more than a hack of the device... They can't very well block the device on the grounds that it doesn't let them spy on people... LOL. That would not only be laughable, but would guarantee everyone outside of the country would be using it. LMAO

M_Lyons10 said,

They can't very well block the device on the grounds that it doesn't let them spy on people...

Any other pretext would work. Or something original like McAfee being a traitor ...

Now all we need is the video of him explaining it all, while a bunch of flaming hot dogs, vomiting $100 bills, dance in the background to the dub-step version of the Bad Boys song.