Media Player Classic - BE 1.4.1

Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes. The BE mod (Black Edition Mod) is a skinned version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, much better looking than the plain old MPC.

What's new in this version:

  • Renumbered versions - now it consists of three digits (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH)
  • MPCVideoDec - disable DXVA for WMV3 Complex profile
  • libpng 1.7.0 b35 git-3ac960f1
  • Fixed crash when closing a window settings file associations when called from a UAC
  • Some menu items are not marked as active
  • Fixed changing settings interface
  • and many more [full release notes]

Download: Media Player Classic - BE 1.4.1 | ~9.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: 70 background imagestoolbar graphics
Link: Home Page | Forums

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Very nice player but unfortunately the x64 version on a x64 Windows 7 continues as past versions to display a requirement for DirectX, when the system is set already with DirectX11.
I believe to have understood that using the 32-bit version of the player does not have this issue. The problem has been going on for years, not yet resolved. So bye MPC-BE.

the best low resource play anything video app definitively (much better than VLC IMO)

thanks for the update

You're totally wrong. Wait, did I say wrong? I meant right :) Awesome player and in active development with nightly builds if you like that kind of thing. Ten thumbs up.