Microsoft & Daylight Savings Time in North America

Because this year, Daylight Savings Time starts three weeks earlier than normal, on March 11th, 2007, and it is ending one week later than usual, on November 4th, all software on your computer needs appropriate updates in order to have the correct time. Windows users with Automatic Updates configured for Windows Update already have the necessary update to ensure the date and time change is made correctly. There are, however, various other Microsoft programs that need to be updated as well. If you have noticed that one of your programs is not up to date, follow the links below to download the appropriate update.

View: Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center
Link: Microsoft Products Affected by Daylight Saving Time

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My Sony alarm clock has a button to toggle between DST and standard time. It doesn't get much easier than that.

oddly the XP machines we were working on and had the patches, still had the time off kilter. other than that, my computers display the correct time.

This Windows computer worked fine today. Linux computer this morning didn't (didn't realize computer wasn't set to do that anyway, which I'm sure I did that.)

Yeah, this was addressed almost a year ago!!

This already happened on March 11th, I don't see why this is still being posted as a news story. All of the DST updates were issues back in December/January that confronted this issue for everyone to be ready for DST on March 11th. We actually just ended DST this morning. Basically you would have noticed a time issue on your PC, DVR, PDA, Cell phone etc, in March... and probably addressed it, and not have even noticed anything today...

Yeah dude you are right, however lots (and I do mean lots) of businesses didn't bother patching in March (Chase Morgan for one, and a couple of airlines). And, as of even this morning, NEW Blackberrys coming from RIM or Telus/Rogers in Canada don't have the correct patch installed on them.

NEVER assume that everyone patches. Never assume that every thing you buy NEW has been patched either.

Vista told me, starting last week, every time I hovered over my clock that on Sunday the time would change. I found that nice.

I woke up this morning and I noticed my cable box was 1 hr ahead of my clock. I was wondering what the heck. Then I realzied it after a while. I had no clue it was daylight savings time. This was poorly communicated this year of the changes. I believe a lot of people were confused.