Microsoft adapts Windows 95 game 'Hover' for web browsers

In 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95 and the company included the first person sci-fi action game "Hover" with every CD-ROM copy. Today, Microsoft has announced they have brought back "Hover" as a free game that's been designed to run on modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer 11.

The original game's premise is still there; players take control of a future hovercraft and play a version of capture the flag. The new version can be accessed on the website and includes updated 3D graphics and multiplayer modes, along with support for touchscreen tablets.

Microsoft says that this project started out with the efforts of developer Dan Church, who approached the company asking if he could have a shot at updating the game. Microsoft stated:

Dan personally built all the game play while taking special care to keep the feel of the original game in the updated version. We worked with him and Pixel Labs to take his vision a step further by adding new features, including additional hovercrafts and support for up to eight players, so you can compete with your friends online.

Microsoft has also uploaded a funny video promoting Hover on YouTube, showing a "champion" of the game playing the new version on a Windows 8 tablet.  By the way, the original version of Hover for Windows 95 is still available for download from Microsoft's FTP server.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I had Hover, came with a pentium 1 win95 pc (which i upgraded to 98SE). It NEVER did play smoothly for me maybe now i can actually play it. can we play online with others? capture the flag!!!

There is a multiplayer option (which the original Hover lacked). Still, the single player is so much smoother, it takes getting used to - and by smoother, I mean than even the ORIGINAL Hover (installed from an original Windows 95 OSR 2.5 CD, into either a VirtualBox or Hyper-V VM), and it looks tons better. Challenge - port the game to the rest of the Windows ecosystem (from XB1 to Windows Phone)

If anything, the smoothness makes it HARDER, not easier. Those "brake pad" rollovers now stop you on a dime and gives eight cents change - even from a max-class speedup.

Well buggar me I never got that game on my win95 CD and I bought a retail copy

Also this runs sweet on Opera 16

Edited by Athlonite, Oct 3 2013, 2:40am :

As someone who really enjoyed the original included with Windows 95 (I've wasted literally days upon days of my life playing it...), I'm happy to see this modern-ized and updated... But it bothers me that it ends after the 3rd level. The original one kept on cycling through the 3 stages upping the difficulty (by adding more enemy hovercrafts) until you lost.

So... I went through these 3 levels rather fast.

The original Hover ran on Windows XP SP2 but doesn't seem to run on a fully patched SP3 with all latest updates. I guess some recent KB update broke it.

I wish they'd do Fury3, which was based on the amazing DOS game Terminal Velocity. Sort of like StarFox.

Fury3 was, quite literally, Terminal Velocity ported to Win32 (it also runs on Windows NT, though you have to use the keyboard to control the ship) - you could swap the game files of Terminal Velocity and Furty3 to cross them over. You can STILL run it even on Windows 8.1 (drag-and-drop install method - [Windows drive]/Program Files/ for x32, [Windows drive]/Program Files (x86)/ for x64); the issue is the installer, not the game itself.

Terminal Velocity = Fury3/F! Zone = Hellbender are all made the same Developer know as Terminal Velocity
PDHammer as for issue with the installer has to do with the fact the Windows 32/64 starting with Vista on up do not support the old 16 bit installer

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