Microsoft adds features to Windows Phone Dev Center

As Microsoft adds more and more apps to the Windows Phone Store, it's also taking in feedback from the many app developers who are submitting their creations to the Windows Phone Dev Center. This week, Microsoft announced it has added a few new features to Dev Center, using comments that have been written to its UserVoice forums.

As described on the Windows Phone developer blog, one of the new changes lets app creators cancel a submission to the Dev Center if they need to make some last minute changes. Previously, the Dev Center had to complete the app submission process once the "Submit" button is clicked before any changes could be made. The blog states that " ... now from the lifecycle page you can cancel an app submission, make changes, and then submit again."

Two more changes relate to displaying screenshots for apps in the Windows Phone Store page. The Dev Center now allows screenshots of apps to be rotated in the Dev Center UI itself, so the app creator doesn't need to use an image editor for this purpose. Also, if a Windows Phone app supports multiple screen resolutions, app creators can now just upload the highest resolution screenshots into the Dev Center, which then automatically generates what the lower resolution screens look like.

Source: Windows Phone blog | Image via Microsoft

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I've personally found that it is always 5 days for me. Interestingly I can usually see when Microsoft has reviewed my app and it is often tested 3 days after submission but doesn't get approved until the 5th day. Oh, and those are calendar days not working days.

Thanks to the analytics I always add in I can see them testing the app then go silent for another day or so before publishing it. Overall not too bad - faster than my iOS submissions by quite a bit.

Just had my newest app (Second Cup Locator) approved today -

Wow, I never expected it to be this long. I only code for Android and all my apps and updates are available for everyone about two hours after uploading the .apk.

True. But that's really the difference between store philosophies and how the companies view their role.

With Google you're getting no oversight so any developer can do anything - lots of freedom but little consumer safety or adherence to standards.

With Windows Phone and iOS you're getting a safer environment - Microsoft actually tests the app to ensure it functions and follows the standards references and works and acts as expected. It means your app can get rejected for not working the way a modernUI app should work but also ensures users get a common base experience.

Both are good in their own way depending on your needs/goals. But, yeah, it can be frustrating waiting days when you know you've built a good app

DrakeN2k said,
5+ working days

Depends on what kind of codes in it though, if its just a simple information provider it could be passed in about 2 days!

highest resolution screenshots into the Dev Center, which then automatically generates what the lower resolution screens look like

THANK YOU. Will save a bit of time in photoshop. Definitely welcome changes, the dashboard is by far the best app management interface available for developers of any platform.