Microsoft adds new features to Bing News

Microsoft has been adding a steady stream of new items to its Bing search site over the past several months, including a new AutoComplete feature for people's names in the main search bar that was added earlier in May. Today, Microsoft announced a new addition to the News section of Bing.

In a post on the Bing blog, Microsoft says:

Starting today, you can search for a notable person in current events and not only see the top news results from across the web, but also a visual carousel which allows you to explore important and timely topics related to the specific person you’re searching for.

The new image carousel will be accompanied by a column that lists people related to the person you are searching for on the right hand side of the page.

Microsoft also announced that it has now extended the age of the articles that are displayed when searching on the news section. Previously, the articles were not shown if they were older than two weeks, but now users can check on news articles related to their search topics that go back several years.

This weekend, some users of Bing were able to access a beta version of a live chat feature on the website. So far, Microsoft has not commented on this feature, which is apparently only showing up for a select few Bing users.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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It'd be great if Bing could index the Houston Chronicle's premium articles much better. After the newspaper started placing their best articles behind a pay-wall, Bing has had trouble finding some of them. For a user that hasn't paid, you only see a paragraph snippet before it asks you to log-in/subscribe to see more.

I read a lot of the newspaper in paper format, and often want to look up the website version to see people's comments and maybe download a picture (if it's available) or archive it. With Bing not having proper access to the paper's content, it's really hard to find it on Bing sometimes. I'd say only around 75% of my searches get it right the 1st time, and maybe 7% aren't findable through Bing at all, even when I use exact words mentioned on the first paragraph that anyone can see for free.

Google somehow does manage to get full access somehow it seems, and gets the stuff Bing can't find.

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