Microsoft and Novotel create a hotel room of the future

Microsoft is giving people who travel to Paris a very different kind of hotel room to stay in for a limited time. Microsoft has teamed up with Novotel Hotels to present what they are calling "Room 3120" at the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse in Paris. People can actually stay in that room while in Paris for 199 euros a night from now until February 14, 2012.

Inside Room 3120, visitors will find a number of Microsoft products and services. The Australian Business Traveller web site reports that people in the room can play console games on Xbox 360 machines and there is also a 30 inch "multimedia table" that's runs Microsoft Surface. Users can access the table for a number of features including web browsing, interactive city guides and more.

A mirror in the room uses Microsoft's Kinect motion gesture technology to become fully interactive. The mirror can be accessed by hand gestures to turn into a video screen displaying news, weather and other information.

All in all, this concept idea for a technology-themed hotel room sounds like something you might see in sci-fi movies like Minority Report, except that you can actually pay to stay in this room. It sounds like it would be an interesting change of pace compared to the regular hotel room with cable TV and, if you are lucky, free WiFi.

Ironically, this is being called a hotel room of the future even though its available now. 

Image via Microsoft/Novotel

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este said,
Looks like it could be a college dorm room of the future... not much of a hotel room there IMO

I agree. There's nothing really business specific about it. Mostly nice gaming, though I think there's way too many screens and Xbox's then necessary.

Wow! Too much white! There needs to be some kind of colour balance in a room!
(Though it's clear most interior designers have completely forgot this)
When it's hard to distinguish between floor and wall something is just horribly wrong...

I saw this headline in my RSS feed, and I tried to picture what the hotel room might look like before I saw it.

My prediction: white everything, with black glass surfaces and screens embedded in the walls.
Actual room: white everything, with black glass surfaces and screens embedded in the walls.

Why are "futurists" so boring and predictable?

omg is he playing Forza 4 on his Xbox?

Of course, being a hotel, they'll charge you $20 just to play the Xbox and another $12 if you want to go online with it.

i wish i had the money to redo my whole room all white with green accent like that. Looks so refreshing. (Also the white with good lighting allows a person to be happier and feel more active...) My room right now is pretty orangish and dark!.. i cant even study here properly without getting all lazy after an hour or so. (white rooms ftw!)

neufuse said,
wonder how many people walk off with a souvenir

Probably as many who steal a DVD or Blueray player from hotel rooms today.

Tom said,
In the future, hotel beds are smaller and impractical for tall people.

In the future were all going to be short. We stopped interacting with people (because we have our social networks, smartphones and our silly forums we visit) and all our extracurricular activities involve the Xbox. Our legs will evolve to be closer to the ground so it's easier for us to sit on the ground and do nothing.

Fortunately our vocal chords will evolve to get louder because we still have to yell into our Microphones when using Xbox Live.

Our hands will evolve to be bigger. Not just because smartphones are getting bigger, but it helps us scratch places that have an itch since were to lazy to shower.

I can't wait.