Microsoft and Oracle holding joint press event Monday

It looks like Microsoft and Oracle have been working on something together and they are almost ready to reveal it to the public. At least, that's what can be inferred by invites sent out to some media outlets late on Thursday.

Business Insider reports that the press conference will be held on Monday. It's apparently big enough for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to show up, along with Oracle's president Mark Hurd. The press event will also be attended by Satya Nadella, the head of Microsoft's Server and Tools division.

The press event is apparently not big enough to bring in Oracle CEO Larry Ellison though. However, as part of Oracle's quarterly financial results that were revealed on Thursday, Ellison told financial analysts that the company will be "announcing technology partnerships with the largest and most important SaaS companies and infrastructure companies in the cloud" next week. He added that Microsoft will be one of those companies.

While Microsoft and Oracle have been fierce competitors in the past, the two companies have also teamed up for some recent projects. Earlier this year, Microsoft filed court papers that supported Oracle's ongoing patent battle with Google.

Source: Business Insider | Image via Oracle

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Big fusion between Oracle and Microsoft... will be named Moriclesoft.
Also, XBox achievements in VirtualBox, and Java Runtime Environment... and Bing Search functionality in Oracle databases.

Oracle DBMS support in Azure, guaranteed. It would make migrationing to the cloud a lot easier for many corporations.

JAVA preloaded onto Windows 8.1

Office 2050 for Oracle "Unbreakable" Linux

Oracle Linux on Windows Azure

MySQL getting discontinued in favor of SQL Server Express

Nas said,
JAVA preloaded onto Windows 8.1

Security holes automatically fixed by weekly "Windows updates"
Microsoft are at a loss to explain why everyone now has "ask toolbar" in their Internet Explorer

Having Oracle's database system available on Azure is highly possible, and cool too. What would be even cooler is having Java support back in Visual Studio. Microsoft has gone on a huge mission in supporting a variety of platforms and toolsets, such as having Git support for TFS builds.

Visual Studio for Java would be awesome for developers like me who use Java as a second language to c# or JS.
But I don't think that many developers whose primary focus is java would be able to part with their beloved (and usually cheaper) Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.

Wow, hell has really frozen over, I know that old Ellison hates Microsoft with a passion.

Both companies can make a lot of money from each other

Ok, here are my top guesses:
I. Windows Azure announcements - Oracle DB PaaS on Azure, some sort of better Java support for Azure Web Sites, optimized VHDs for Azure VMs
II. Something big about Java. I've always perceived a lack of support for Java from Oracle, plus Java 8 is long overdue. It would be fascinating (but highly improbable) to see some sort of Java partnership based around optimizing Java for Windows or maybe enable developers to build native Windows 8 + Windows Phone 8 apps, all the pieces are there on the Microsoft side (speaking about the multifaceted WinRT endpoints)
III. Launching a joint lawsuit against Google for IP infringement and abusing Google's dominant position in the mobile stake. Oracle would love another shot at Google for Android and Microsoft would be right to complain about the product dumping of Android.

Yeah - seems the most logical reason. I guess Microsoft would rather at least capture Oracle on Windows customers (instead of SQL Server users) than lose them all together to other providers.

Will Oracle products now be 'baked' into MS products...???
If included on a system/OS level would it be more secure during updates or whatever???