Microsoft and Ubisoft team up for Assassin's Creed demo that runs in the browser

Microsoft loves to show off the power of the web browser and naturally, they trumpet that Internet Explorer is the best of the best. With past works showing capabilities such as editing video and immersive geographical experiences.

Now, if you are a gaming fan, the collaboration Microsoft has worked on with Ubisoft might be the best yet. The two companies are bringing Assassin's Creed's Pirates demo to the browser. Besides the technical ability of showcasing a demo like this in your browser without having to download the game, Microsoft and Ubisoft are showing how you can begin to rethink the browser as an entirely new platform, and not simply a content navigation tool.

The game was built using Babylon.js and Microsoft is also offering up a competition for building your own shader for the pirate ship. If you build an awesome shader, you could win an Xbox One limited edition Assassin’s Creed Collector’s Black Chest Edition. You’ll get extra bonus points if you include a Neowin logo…ok, maybe no bonus points but we would love it if you did.

Compared to the previous iterations of these Microsoft demonstrations of IE’s capabilities, this one seems to bridge new boundaries with the gaming community. While Cut the Rope certainly dabbles towards the gaming genre, Assassin’s Creed type games are squarely aimed at the hardcore gaming community. While it may be a bit of a stretch, it’s typically this same crowd that loves to say that “IE is only good for downloading other browsers”, so this could be an olive branch offering to help convince the crowd that IE no longer is the crappy browser because of the IE6 legacy.

Take a look at the game and let us know how it runs for you. Even though this game runs in the browser, we will be curious to see how well it performs locally on your machine.

Play: Assassin's Creed Pirates Demo

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Some years in most browsers yea.. started off at Mozilla, Chrome picked it up a year later, IE had it sorta via a third party extension but not officially till 11.

heard a while back that it was an Ubisoft dev that leaked the X1's 8GB of RAM to Sony and thats why Sony upped their RAM amount. Was/is that true?

pointless tech demo. browsers are for browsing and the raise of the native app in mobile has shown that browser as the means of application hosting is an utterly foolish goal. After all, it is an application inside an OS which now has to try to be an OS to other apps. And what's the gain? interop? well if there was ONE browser maybe. But they can't even render the same stupid HTML page the same way, there is a dozen versions that do things slightly different and their so called "standards" are put together by a group of people that can't agree on anything fast.

In other words - back in your cage, browsers (all of them, not just IE). This is something Google (and Firefox) have been doing for the last few versions - in fact, this same demo runs just fine in the current version of Firefox, and without needing touch, either. Why is choice such a bad thing?

neonspark said,
pointless tech demo. browsers are for browsing and the raise of the native app in mobile has shown that browser as the means of application hosting is an utterly foolish goal.
Yeah, because browsers cannot improve any further.

With the work that the work that companies like Google and Microsoft have been doing, it seems to me that the "browser" is becoming more of a "platform". Games like the one in this article certainly don't compare to the major game releases yet, but what they have accomplished so far is incredible. I think we are already at the point where the browser could be used as the platform for a serious game if a company would make the investment to create one.

We get to see a new demo of awesome game running in browser every one in a while but it never attract enough developer to create more that can actually sell. So sad!