Microsoft announces next generation Kinect for Xbox One


Microsoft has just announced the new generation Kinect. This is an upgraded version of the popular Xbox add-on that allows users to interact with the console and their games by voice or simply by movement.

As previous leaks suggested, the new Kinect offers a higher level of detail with increased resolution, higher accuracy as well as support for up to six people simultaneously. The new device also comes with a much more accurate understanding of voice commands thanks in part to its new microphone.

The new voice commands will allow users to switch between live TV and the Xbox Dashboard as well as switch between different apps and snap apps similar to the way they snap on Windows 8. The new Kinect also allows for universal gestures that can be used to control your console. These include grab and pan that can be used to minimize the current app in the foreground.

The new video capabilities of the Kinect allow for incredible accuracy when it comes to recognizing the user and his actions. The new hardware allows the console to understand not only your position, but your balance, the way you shift your weight and even to monitor your heartbeat during exercises.

The new Kinect will be bundled with every Xbox One once the console hits markets later this year.

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Does anyone know if this has the resolution to recognize finger movements more detailed than just "grasping"?

Edit: The "reading your pulse" technique detailed above would seem to imply that it has the kind of resolution I'm asking about.

I'm a Nintendo lover but I must admit that the XboxOne presentation was great. The instant application switch, multitasking, app snap and voice/kinect commands were fantastic if they really work as it was shown.

I'm a WiiU owner because I like Nintendo's philosophy and their game franchises, but they have to really improve the application switch delay and loading times.

Yeah... I'll be in line. The only thing I wish they would do is create an extender like device so I can access the same content in another room. Hopefully there will be some real Windows 8/Windows Phone integration with it other than what we saw in the demo.

Sounds like a pretty interesting upgrade. I'm very curious though what they do with additional software updates for the Kinect.