Microsoft Bing Translator App for Windows 8 released

Microsoft has offered Bing Translator on Windows Phone 8 devices for several months now, but today, the company has finally made available a port of the app for Windows 8 and RT devices as well.

The Windows Store listing for the Bing Translator offers a rundown of its features. The free app will allow users to type or paste in text and have it translated into over 40 languages (and yes, that does still include Klingon). It can also translate text found on images taken by the camera on a Windows 8/RT device.

The app also allows users to hear what the translated words sound like with the text-to-speech feature, and even offers a way to translate text even when no web connection is available. It also allows for text from other Windows 8 apps to be translated.

Microsoft will be launching a number of other new in-house Modern apps in the near future as part of its free Windows 8.1 upgrade, along with plans to offer major upgrades for existing apps. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @NeowinFeed so we can keep you posted on the newest apps and the latest updates.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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This should be basic functionality of the Windows (Phone) OS. Under the bing search button in WP there are a lot of powerful features. Such as extracting addible text from a piece of paper. Seems weird to have seperate apps for other features that are just as advanced but added at a later stage.