Microsoft brings back retired dynamic theme photos in new Windows 8 themes

A few weeks ago, we reported that Microsoft had very quietly taken down its dynamic themes for Windows 7. These themes, when installed, included a way for the user to get new photos from Microsoft via an RSS feed. Today, the company announced that, while the dynamic themes themselves are not coming back, the photos that were a part of those image collections are being offered again in a new series of Windows 8 themes.

In a post on the Microsoft Experience blog, the company says that many of the images have been put into what is being labeled as "Community Showcase" themes. One of them is Aqua, shown above, that contains a number of water-themed photos from the old Aqua dynamic theme along with some new images, while other themes include Fauna and Everyday Art.

In addition to the revival of the dynamic theme photos, there's an all-new Windows 8 theme from Microsoft to download this week called Garden Life 3, which contains some great looking flower photos; just the thing to remind those enduring a harsh winter that spring is on its way.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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this is good, but also if anyone has taken the time to look at some of the themes available (yes its basically just background pictures in packs with slight chrome hue and photo switching timings) they will know that theres some stunning themes available.

I love photography done well, and some of these packs really make me happy looking at the pictures.

I would love a way to have multiple theme packs rotate (not just the pictures inside them, but add them all to a group and even better add tags to some which respond to time of year - so seasonal themes work automatically, you just chose the themes you like and tag them (or they are tagged already) with a season, and they just work as you would expect.

What would it take, a little code and a bit of hard disk space, but I think would be a really nice (background) feature.

I guess MS wants everyone to have bland flat colour as their desktop background so it can match their crap Metro UI. This is the only reason I can see they removing every previous features.

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