Microsoft could hold BUILD-like developer event in October

In September 2011, Microsoft held its first, and so far only, BUILD software developer conference. The event, held in Anaheim, California, was also the occasion for the company to launch the first public pre-release version of Windows 8, Developer Preview.

It's now July 2012 and so far, Microsoft has yet to give any details about its Windows developer event for the year. The only hint about such an event came in January. At that time, Microsoft said it would not hold its annual MIX web developer conference this year in favor of merging that event "into our next major developer conference, which we will host sometime in the coming year."

Now reports that Microsoft could hold its next Windows developer event sometime in October. If true, Microsoft would have to announce the event pretty soon to give developers time to set up their professional schedules to attend the event.

It's currently unknown if Microsoft will use the BUILD name again for its 2012 conference. It's also unknown if the company will hold the event in Anaheim, California or move it to a new location. The developer event will almost certainly be held pretty close to Microsoft's commercial launch of Windows 8 on October 26th.


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I'm hoping BUILD 2.0 (or whatever name they choose) will be a reality. I've been to a previous Microsoft Tech Ed conference and found them to be incredibly valuable for learning new technologies.

Getting a MS Surface or a Windows Phone 8 would be a (very welcomed) bonus .

I hope they will give away Surface RT tablets at Build 2.0 before their general availability!

after last year giveaway of the Samsung build slate, anything less would be disappointing ^^ (unless they give away wp8 phones instead)

MS so far has tended to do smaller events and last minute press events out of the blue, aka surface and even the Office 2013 event was small and kinda short notice. I figure they will do a BUILD event, they'd have to, but I dunno about October, you'd think they'd have it before things go out to retail, specially Windows 8.

"announce the event pretty soon to give developers time to set up their professional schedules to attend the event."

I found this funny.