Microsoft Could Launch Zune in Europe by End 2007

Microsoft Corp. could launch the Zune in Europe before the end of 2007, said Jason Reindorp, Zune's marketing director. Microsoft is not, however, ready to make an official announcements regarding launching the Zune service in Europe. Microsoft planned extensive research with focus groups in Europe to see how it could be modified for a European consumer. According to the latest data, Microsoft claims the Zune has a 10.2% market share in the U.S. in the 30 gigabyte category and that selling over a million units by June 30 is still the probable target.

Reindrop said that Microsoft acknowledged the difficulty in gaining market share due to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod: "You couldn't get a more entrenched competitor. But we feel really good about the first steps that we've taken. The industry moves in this sort of Christmas to Christmas cycle. So you can expect that there will be more devices, more features in the market at that point. Our next round of introductions will probably be in time for the holiday of this year. We're not simply trying to play catch up with Apple. We are very realistic, we have what is essentially a three-year plan to firmly and solidly get on the radar."

News source: eWeek

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I just wonder when and the hell the Zune is coming to canada, there wasn't one thing out there that says when it'll hit.

Why is everyone so down on the Zune? Is it because Microsoft dared to compete against Apple? After seeing the iPhone I'm ****ed Apple didn't do more with the UI, instead of ripping off Creative. I doubt most of you who are ripping on the Zune have never used one. I have and I think, for my purposes, beats the iPod hands down. In fact, I'm going to get the iPod integration unit for my Jeep Liberty and turn my current iPod into a jukebox for my car. I'll be replacing this iPod with a Zune 2.0 (when they fully integrate Windows Media Center, XBOX 360 and Zune - mark my words, it's coming) to work side by side with the Dell XPS M2010 I'll be getting at the end of this month (when Dell ships them with Vista).

LOL - 10% in the 30gb category, so overall in the MP3 market probably about .0001%

I wonder how long Microsoft will keep the Zune on lifesupport for?

zune its the biggest flop of 2006

lets see what happen microsoft likes to beta test with their first version maybe zune 2 will do more, so far what i hate of zune is it price and software both sux

Zune will succeed if Microsoft stops trying to out-Apple Apple and focusing on foraging its own identity. Give it time -- Microsoft's first entries to any market rarely are that great.

Anthropolemic said,
Zune will succeed if Microsoft stops trying to out-Apple Apple and focusing on foraging its own identity. Give it time -- Microsoft's first entries to any market rarely are that great.

really? so XBOX 360 was a flop too? they were trying to out do sony... i mean comon, the first version of most of MS products arent so great, its the second version you have to look out for... they are usually better then the competition... and they have hinted already a much better zune is in the works, smaller, faster, and stores more...

What about Australia ???/

I've been waiting for a australian launch but no news......

Can anyone get a answer from MS ?

Not really. Anyone who wants one will just get one off eBay, like I did. And it's saving yourself money from the UK retail price. I'm not too sure what it is yet. I read somewhere it's gonna be £175, and someone else said £230.

Chicane-UK said,
Its ok Microsoft. You can keep the Zune. We don't want it!

speak for yourself, i have a zune to replace my ipod mini and it's great

They did screw up with Europe for 06, but there has been considerable interest in the Zunes me and my friend purchased!

Lolll, I thought that zune was already out in europe...
Bah, #*ck for this type of policie of not releasing a product worldwide at the same time...

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