Microsoft: Daylight Saving Fix for $4000 in Extended Support

Microsoft have decided to reduce the pricing of a patch to fix the new March 11 date for Daylight Saving Time (DST) from a whopping $40,000 to a mere $4000 for products that have left mainstream support and have entered the "Extended" support phase, according to Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley.

Products affected are Windows 2000, Exchange Server 2000 and Outlook 2000, among others. Microsoft explains in a PowerPoint document distributed to analysts

"For products that have entered into the Extended Support phase, Microsoft will provide customers with the opportunity to purchase the DST 2007 hotfix at a reduced price of Four Thousand Dollars (US $4,000). Customers will only be charged a single fee of $4,000 to obtain all hotfixes, for products in Extended Support phase, needed to update their systems for DST 2007.

"For customers who have previously purchased DST 2007 hotfixes for products in Extended Support, Microsoft will reimburse the difference to them under the new pricing category."

A Microsoft spokesman was quoted saying the $4,000 price represents a "substantial discount" and that it was merely to "cover costs".

View: Microsoft to charge for Daylight Saving hotfixes for older products @ ZDNet
Link: Neowin Discussion (Thanks adversedeviant)

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"cover costs"... LOL
how can this fix be so freaking expensive... LOL
no way.
eh yea... thats a horrible nice discount but the price stays ridiculous...
hey... a discount from 1m to 500k would be a good saving either, still a freaking price...

Glassed Silver:mac

A Microsoft spokesman was quoted saying the $4,000 price represents a "substantial discount" and that it was merely to "cover costs".

Just to cover the cost's - My arse it is !

They charge people that kinda money, in the hope that they will buy the newer version's, for less money !

I find it iffy because it's an issue of amortized costs.

If it indeed costs $4,000 or $40,000, still it only cost that ONCE to develop.

I could see them keeping their older products vibrant for longer by releasing the fixes that were paid for by one firm or another that HAD TO HAVE THEM BAD and paid the price, for the masses.

But that would slow adoption of the new version.

I think this is a twist to persuade to upgrade to Vista as it falls under regular support, thus I figure no cost?

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