Microsoft drops Kumo, rebrands to Bing

Microsoft has officially dropped the codename "Kumo" from its rebranding of its Live Search to help compete against search engine giant Google, by giving Live Search a new name. The newest name will be "Bing" instead of "Kumo". The new ad campaign will be placed on TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and other media to outlets with the new branding.

The new $80 to $100 million ad campaign, according to AdvertisingAge, will not directly attack Google, Yahoo, or even by name, but instead "Bing" ads will try to convince users to use "today's search engines".

Microsoft believes they have the edge in the new search engine, indicating that 42% of all first query searches need to be refined. Bing promises to help cut down on users search time by adding related categories to help users find exactly what their looking for.

The related search categories would help users who may be looking for a new car or a cell phone, linking users with reviews, prices, and much more related to the searched product. The new search categories will help win over some users when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announces "Bing" for the first time at All Things D which runs through May 26 through 28.

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"Kumo it!"
"Google it!"
"Bing it!"

Kumo ends with a vowel when pronounced and that sucks whereas the e of Google is silent and doesn't suck.

i tried to visit and it redirects me via live search with the 1st result being:

Bing Crosby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hmmmm i much preferred Kumo as it's more ambiguous in the English language meaning that it'd be easier to requisition it for search branding.
Bing just makes me think of cheap, tackiness such as bingo websites etc.

Bing? Hmm, not sure. I preferred Live Search to be honest.

Bing seems a bit of short name for a Microsoft product doesn't it?

How about Microsoft Windows Live Bing Search 2009 Standard Edition?

I'll wait for an official announcement. Just last week, on May 22, the Trademark Office rejected Microsoft's application to trademark "Bing". I wish they could reject applications for stupidity, but no, it was rejected because it's similar to another trademark. Bing is hands down one of the stupidest names ever for a product. And the reality is they probably paid a lot of money to a branding company to come up with it... Kumo is much cooler sounding. And to the person who drew parallels to Nintendo choosing Wii as a name -- we've accepted Wii as a name but it's still incredibly stupid and will forever be the but of jokes...

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