Microsoft Extends Deadline for Outlook Link to Hotmail

Microsoft has extended the deadline for being able to download Hotmail email through Outlook Express using the DAV protocol, previously it said that this wouldn't be possible after June 30th, when it planned to remove the link altogether.

The following notice was added to the Windows Live Hotmail Teams Blog on the 5th of May: "Recently, many customers received notification regarding Microsoft's plan to disable the DAV protocol, which allows you to access your Windows Live Hotmail inbox from Outlook Express. From the feedback we received, it became clear that you needed additional time to evaluate alternative solutions and with this in mind, we are postponing the transition deadline previously announced. This means that you will continue to be able to access your Windows Live Hotmail accounts from Outlook Express beyond the June 30 transition deadline.

As Microsoft continues to evolve its products to meet your needs, we appreciate your feedback. This change to Outlook Express protocol is one such evolution and will allow for managing of multiple accounts and today's large inboxes. We will update you on expected future changes and alternatives with enough advance notice to ensure a smooth transition."

They have yet to announce a new date when the DAV protocol will eventually be phased out.

News Source: Windows Live Hotmail Team Blog

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A lot of people have asked me why i can use my hotmail on outlook express and they can't
its because i had created my email before they changed the policies
(recent FREE hotmail accounts won't work with outlook express)

Outlook (from Office 2007) DOES work and as far as i've heard its not beeing discontinued like OE

I do mate.

I tried to get that Thunderbird plugin to work, but found that as it downloaded the messages into thunderbird and then removed it from the webmail.

I like OE as i can view the emails from the web on the move and then at home on OE and then remove em from OE which updates the webmail.

Can you tell me a trick that i can do in which Thunderbird does the same without it removing the emails from the server?

BTW, ironic, finally set up WLMail and now i get this thing that OE will be extended til later notice. Damn but great news for me.

My dad did before recently switching to Windows Mail. It's the novice computer users that suffer not people who have an interest in finding alternative software solutions.

Although I agree that DAV should be phased out in favour of DeltaSync, I desparately want an email client for Linux that can operate with the DeltaSync protocol.

... does anyone know of one?

lol. another Microsoft torture to its own users, so you users want fries with that monopoly shake?

Yes, because moving forward is bad. :rolleyes:

If they move forward, people bitch. If they sit back, people still bitch. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don't. Then again, the average consumer will never be happy. :P