Microsoft faces new brand dispute over OneDrive name

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its plans to relaunch SkyDrive under the new 'OneDrive' brand. The move came after the company faced a dispute with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB, trading as 'Sky'), which argued that Microsoft's SkyDrive brand infringed on its own trademark. 

But it seems that Microsoft may be facing a further dispute over its new OneDrive branding. Neowin has been in contact with Thomas Medard Frederiksen, chief operating officer of, who says that his company is now "consulting trademark experts" following Microsoft's rebranding, stating that OneDrive is "a name that is very close to's own cloud service." has offered cloud storage solutions under the 'Cloud Drive' moniker for the last three years, allowing customers to synchronise their files to their online storage. says that "OneDrive, from Microsoft, is a similar product - with a similar name, that will lead to confusion." 

Frederiksen told Neowin: "It was a big surprise to me that Microsoft have decided to name their cloud service OneDrive. For me, it's important to protect our brand company name." 

He added that he "would have expected that Microsoft would have done more thorough research, before releasing their new name. They are after all one of the big players in the market." 

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What ever became of the lawsuit against Microsoft about the use of the name Vista? I think there was a company in Washington that had copyright on the name Vista and I believed they sued Microsoft.

Were they in the OS business too? Because right next to where I work there's a window blinds company that uses the same name.

You shouldn't be able to trademark a word that already exists in the English language from year dot.

If you create a new word or combine them, sure...but 'Sky'...or 'One'. Ridiculous.

OneNote has been used as a name by Microsoft for years now. I don't think these folks have much of a case considering they didn't take action against MS for OneNote.

I guess this might be different because OneDrive will offer similar services to One, but still. This is getting out of hand IMO.

Unbelievable! Pretty soon the entire English language will be trademarked by some organization. Frankly the names SkyDrive or OneDrive are just fine.

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