Microsoft files for Mod, Office Mod and Windows Mod trademarks

Microsoft has the rights to use quite a few trademarks and in the U.S. while most of them are obvious, such as "Windows", "Xbox" and "Office", others are a bit of a mystery. Earlier in December, the company made a number of new filings with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, and most of them center on one word: "Mod."

Yes, Microsoft has filed a claim to get the trademark rights to "Mod". The name will be used for "Computer operating system software; computer software; computer hardware; computer peripherals; computer accessories; mobile computing devices; (and) mobile communication devices," according to the document.

That's not all. Microsoft also filed for the U.S. trademark rights to "Microsoft Mod", "Windows Mod" "Office Mod" and even "Microsoft Office Mod." All of the listings show the names will be used for the same products as the "Mod trademark filing. So what does this all mean? We have no idea but we have contacted Microsoft for comment.

Microsoft also filed for yet another trademark on December 19th, this time for the name "Throne Together" for the use of "Game software." It's likely that this is the name of a previously unannounced Windows or Xbox game that Microsoft is planning to publish.

Source: USPTO | Image via USPTO

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You usually can. Trademarks usually only apply to certain market segments. That's why Apple Records lost their trademark case against Apple Computer.

rfirth said,
You usually can. Trademarks usually only apply to certain market segments. That's why Apple Records lost their trademark case against Apple Computer.

Unless it's deemed a famous brand...

MikeChipshop said,
Mod = Modern?

If so, that's kind of stupid... Lol. I really for the life of me can't think of a use for these trademarks that isn't...

Especially because eventually it won't be considered modern anymore, and what do you call the next version? Office Future? That would be the end of it!

Plus I guess if Mod is short for "modern". In the case of Windows "Mod"....does that mean that Microsoft could split Windows into 2 categories? One for the Windows 8 type of look...and one for a "modern" type of look as in maybe just a better looking "XP" type of OS?

" MOD for computer software" seems very generic and already widely used..... Granted, file for a trademark and have it approved are two different things.

If Keith Moon was alive today he'd be turning in his grave.

I can't wait for someone to file a trademark on the name "Rocker". Then we can let them both fight it out on the beach at Brighton.

WindowsMod = Windows on Android / Chrome Devices

Imagine if WindowsMod would allow users to install Windows or Windows Phone on Chrome tablets or Android phones.

Imagination run wild or a distinct possibility?

Seriously doubt it, that would undermine the efforts of their OEM partners and require users to root their devices, which (besides perhaps voiding warranty, risking bricking, and being above most end user skill sets for these devices) would seem hypocritical when MS tries so hard to prevent people from rooting their devices. Besides, why would they rip off the name of a well known product that does the same and then try to enter that space? It would only make them seem like a "me too".

Definitely imagination run wild.

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