Microsoft granted U.S. patent for Xbox One case design

Microsoft first revealed the Xbox One, and its case design, in May 2013 but today, the company officially received the patent for that particular enclosure from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The exact patent number from the USTPO is D700,246 and is officially for an "ornamental design for an electronic housing". The patent itself is supposed to last for 14 years and lists Joel B. Jacobs, Scott Dullmeyer, Carl J. Ledbetter, Jonathan R. Harris and John Kenichro Ikdea as its inventors. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this document is the date shown when Microsoft first applied for the patent: February 28, 2013. That means this design was actually submitted to the USTPO nearly three months before the Xbox One was first revealed to the public. It just goes to show that there are still some secrets that can be kept even in this Internet media age where photo and information leaks are the norm rather than the exception.

It's more than possible that Microsoft has also filed U.S. patents for the Xbox One's controller and for its Kinect add-on device. If they are granted, you can be sure you'll find news about the award here on Neowin.

Source: USTPO via Patent Bolt | Image via Microsoft

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I love the size of the One. It gives off that "Every component in the box has elbow room. And breathing room"... I am amazed at how quiet the big gal is...

McKay said,
I like it, I wish the shiny half didn't scratch so easily though, mine looks like it's been sandpapered just from me wiping dust off it.

I have a few things around the house made from that shiny cheap plastic stuff, and yep, it's the worst stuff ever to keep looking good. The sooner manufacturers kill it off, the better.

But anyway, count me in a big fan of the design of the Xbox One. Not fussed about size, as my TV cabinet is roomy enough, it just looks great.

Lord Method Man said,
People complain about the design, but its actually about the only thing I do like about the X1.

The real gamer in me says that if the design js the only thing you like about a console, you have your priorities wrong.

McKay said,

I like it, I wish the shiny half didn't scratch so easily though, mine looks like it's been sandpapered just from me wiping dust off it.

Also I wish it was smaller. It boggles my mind how the PS4 can be more powerful, have no power brick and be so much thinner.

really? Those ridiculous high spinning fans on the PS4 don't give the game away? Give me a larger, quieter console any day!

TruckWEB said,
A design patent for a black box...

I wonder if VHS manufacturer had patent on their black box design?

if someone else patented rounded corners... I'm not surprised anymore

Seriously, as if they are proud of that design. I have a JVC VCR that looks exactly like this. Does that mean JVC have to now pay Microsoft for a design they came out with before? Such rubbish.

Unless there are copiers out to make a quick buck, no one is going to copy this design. Not like it is getting praise like the iPhone design did. And personally, I dont care much for the design.

Your comment makes no sense. Companies do this as a matter of course against potential copiers, since they obviously can't afford not to do so and then not have a leg to stand on if someone does decide to make and sell a knock-off. They don't care or wait for praise from any odd person before deciding whether to file for a design patent or not. Just because you don't like the design can you guarantee it won't be copied?

Me saying that non one is going to go out and copy the design like many have with the iPhone makes no sense? Alrighty then. And of course MS should protect their design...never said they shouldn't.

This is the first time I actually paid attention to the Xbox one shape.
You take the shape of the Wii and make it wider then scale the whole thing up a bit.

ZipZapRap said,
I know that was a joke, but geez, that would be awesome if the right side was indeed an LCD/VFD display. It would fit perfect into my home theatre equipment.
I like it too. Quick, let's patent it!

I like the design. A smaller version with the same look would also be awesome. The only thing I don't like is the shiny part on top. All of my electronics get dusted at least twice a week, and the top of the Xbox One looked terrible even after just 3 weeks of owning it.

Who cares if its bigger than the ps4. Your not going to hold it. Its going to be under the TV. You should worry more about the noise from the fan and the performers.

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