Microsoft has "nothing to share" on Games For Windows Live's future

In April 2012, we asked Microsoft if they had any plans to discontinue their Games for Windows Live online gaming service in favor of their Xbox Live support for Windows 8. At that time, we were sent a statement that said, "Answer is no, Microsoft continues to support the Games for Windows platform, but we are making new investments in Metro style games."

It's been about nine months since that time, and things have changed in terms of Microsoft's PC game support. The company's two free-to-play PC games, Microsoft Flight and Age of Empires Online, have since announced that they will no longer add new content to each game, although they are still playable online.

Microsoft has also launched Windows 8 and has published a number of games for the "Modern" UI, including Skulls of the Shogun this week which has cross-platform multiplayer with its Windows Phone 8, Windows RT and Xbox 360 counterparts.

Most importantly, it's looking like no third party PC games will be using Games for Windows Live anymore. Launched in 2007, the service, which added Xbox Live achievements, leaderboards and more, was used by over 70 games by Microsoft and a number of third party developers and publishers.

Last week, Namco Bandai released Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition, the latest game that supports Games for Windows Live. At the moment, there are no upcoming games that have been announced that will support the service. So does that mean that we have seen the last Games for Windows Live game? Unfortunately, Microsoft is not talking. In a statement to Neogamr, the company said,"At this time, we have nothing to share on the future of Games for Windows Live."

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I've had more trouble with legitimate copies of games requiring GFWL than pirated copies of games requiring GFWL / GFWL has been ripped out.

In fact, I'm sure the last time I had one of the Bioshocks running, I had that much trouble I just cracked it and stripped out GFWL. Why on EARTH would you actually give people a reason to pirate?!

GFWL is the reason some people are FORCED to pirate games to play them, because they can't buy them in their territory otherwise! (And if they do, they won't work!)

Save game corruption just because of a version change of the software or using a new OS, massive connection issues, a myriad of other negative things..

It is an abomination to PC gaming.

It better be dying; and good riddance.

Out of all the current mandatory services I've used (Steam, Origin, uPlay, Rockstar Social Club) GFW has got to be the most backwards. You have to "buy" a free game like AoEO and tough luck if you set the region to one that MS doesn't support for no apparent reason. I've literally went through the most retarded sign-up process in my life just to run a generic grind fest of a game.

As someone who has only played PC games, my message to MS is to shove GFWL and Xbox Live up their ass.


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MS will obviously kill this service. With all the integration between, Windows 8, WP and XBox Live, why would they keep a second game service? There's no point.

Filipe Ribeiro said,
MS will obviously kill this service. With all the integration between, Windows 8, WP and XBox Live, why would they keep a second game service? There's no point.

I doubt they intend to further develop it, but it'll still be available for game developers who want to use it. I'd suspect the Xbox functionality in WinRT games will replace what hasn't already been replaced by Windows Store.

Edited by TheExperiment, Feb 1 2013, 9:48pm :