Microsoft has publically acknowledged 'Blue', announces its next BUILD conference

Microsoft has announced that its next iteration of the BUILD conference will be held June 26-28 in San Francisco and registration opens at 09:00am PDT, April 2, 2013. Microsoft has also finally comes forward and recognized the name ‘Blue’ as a set of internal plans.

Frank Shaw penned a post that talks about the future plans for Microsoft where he says that leaders from across Microsoft have been working on plans to advance their devices and services; these plans have the codename of Blue.

With a remarkable foundation of products in market and a clear view of how we will evolve the company, product leaders across Microsoft are working together on plans to advance our devices and services, a set of plans referred to internally as “Blue.”

This is the first time Microsoft has talked about Blue publically and with the BUILD conference being held in late June, the summer launch of the platform is looking promising.

While certainly not the first BUILD conference, the event has for the past two years been held in the fall so this marks a disruption to their traditional schedule for the conference.

Microsoft has stated that at BUILD they will share updates about Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio. Notably, Windows Phone is left off that list, but at this time, we wouldn’t read much into it as Windows Phone typically has its own conference.

The conference is not that far away and we look forward to seeing what Microsoft has been working on for these past few months since the launch of Windows 8 in October. 

Source: Microsoft

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I guess indeed a test version... with the final hopefully around August/September?
Around a year later than Win 8.....

Or maybe at build already the final??

If you go by past naming conventions, Windows 8 R2 would be on the same level as Windows 9 would be. So I would be shocked if they named it that.

TurboShrimp said,
A conference about a service pack really ?

The conference is not about Blue. Microsoft hold's the BUILD conference every year for developers.

I hope they announce the next visual studio is coming in the next year and a half.... my software assurance runs out in 2yrs... might as well get what we paid for...

Honestly, I would imagine that that is the perfect timeframe for announcing their next xbox. It would complete the unification of all of their services and devices. I believe that will be their strategy.

littleneutrino said,
I wonder if they are going to pull an apple and announce it also stating that it is available for download on the same day.

Now that would be nice. But also very Un-Microsoft...

All the "but they don't even mention Blue!" people are forgetting that up to this point they haven't even acknowledged there's an update being worked on at all - this is their first mention of anything post-8. The fact they also mention updates to several other products confirms that Blue is a multi-product release. You have to remember that, officially, none of this stuff we've been talking about for months has existed until now.

"At Build, we'll share updates and talk about what's next for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio and more."

This is the closest they talk about Blue. No acknowledgements.

Doesn't say anything about Blue though. Just "updates about Windows".

Still don't know if Blue is just a SP update for Win 8.

How much more obvious could Blue = SP1 be? Exact same group thats always done the service packs are doing blue: Windows Sustained Engineering. SP1 isn't as marketable or exciting

ShareShiz said,
Sorry. I didn't know. I've never seen a SP get leaked before. And I'm sure a lot of other people didn't know fully either.

It's a SP in the sense that it's coming a year or so into the life of the OS and it's going to be free. There have been leaked service packs before iirc, the difference this time is that it's going to add more features, XP SP2 but bigger.

ShareShiz said,
Sorry. I didn't know. I've never seen a SP get leaked before. And I'm sure a lot of other people didn't know fully either.

All the rumors have pointed towards it being a SP... Windows 9 is not ready. So, if not 9, it would be a SP... But further than that, the entire update is being structured like a SP, so it makes absolutely no sense for it to be anything else.

Right now for me i am calling Blue and what i think Microsoft should call it instead of a Service pack they need to call it ( Windows 8 Feature improvement Pack )

That itself sound far better it really be a change if Ms called it that

It really doesn't make sense to get so hung up again what to call it exactly. It's pretty obviously not like anything that has really come before for Windows.

If I recall correctly, previous leaks of beta Service Packs were leaked in setup form, never slipstreamed into a Windows install disc. To me Windows Blue seems more akin to Windows 98 Second Edition.

Since when has a SP ever changed the version number? They incremented the build number a few times but never has a SP been a point release. SO I'd say you can't really call Blue a SP. IMHO that is...