Microsoft is giving away 12 months of Skype group calling and other features for free

Microsoft is running a new promotion called the ‘Skype Collaboration Project’ that is allowing Skype users to make free group calls, free group screen sharing, no advertising and access to live customer support, for free. All of these features are typically reserved for premium account holders but you can get them free for 12 months by hitting the link at the bottom of this post.

When you visit the offer page, you must enter your email address and a code will be sent to your inbox. One interesting thing to note is that when you add the code to your account, it shows a credit of $107.88. We are not sure if that credit can be used for other features, such as calling a landline, but it is a somewhat odd way to add the features to your account.

No matter the reason, getting 12 months of these features for free is worth taking advantage of and takes only about a minute of your time to complete the transaction.

Redeem: Skype Offer

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If you guys have not gotten your codes yet be patient and make sure you signed up for the newsletter... I just got 2 codes today.

Also as of (12/20 12:49PM GMT-5) they are aware of issues with redeeming voucher codes.

Edited by shinji257, Dec 20 2013, 5:01pm :

I received the code 2 days after I signed up but still the voucher worked and now I have a premium Skype account with 71€.

Practically wothless. All the most useless skype features rolled into a package for a free 1 year trial. K.

Their price on landlines is also more than double what it used to be back in 2010, which ****es me off. Outbound and inbound together should be cheaper, especially with Google Voice doing it for free.

I've tried all the links both in this article and in the comments. Still no e-mail from Skype after waiting pretty much all day

I've gotten mixed results:

The personalized link I received in email (hours before this news piece) proved successful.
The neowin link in this post was tried twice (within 1 hr of post and just a few minutes ago) and has never worked.

Maybe it's IP-locked? Maybe this link has been flagged or retries are time-delayed before they work again?

When I logged into Skype on my Xbox One, I was given Skype Premium.

Edit: Just logged into my Skype account, turns out I was only given 100 minutes.

Dinggus said,
When I logged into Skype on my Xbox One, I was given Skype Premium.

Edit: Just logged into my Skype account, turns out I was only given 100 minutes.

It is also only for 6 months.

"Skype Premium 100 mins - 6 months"

Dinggus said,
Is that 100 minutes to calling a landline or 100 minutes for Skype in general?

The minutes are for landlines. Calling to other users are always free. That's what I think though. You should check with Skype directly though if you need to be sure.

Torolol said,
the primary hidden reason:
(Title said: Microsoft fails to mention Skype in promises to protect users from NSA surveilance)

yep, this promotion are being done to increase the surveillance coverages,
but since most US-ians claims has nothing to hide,
shows your loves to Microsoft (and NSA) by using the Skype immediately & indefinitely !!


I got this, plus i did the same for 26 of my contacts (santa is in town)!
Maybe they should have done this for ALL the skype users by default, if the want to spread their premium service and to be known.

Skype already has a promotion like this where it gives you Skype premium for free for a week that's always been ongoing, so no. It just requires you to sign up for an email subscription while you wait for the code.

Nice Microsoft I think I will be getting 24 months vice 12 months of premium Skype as indicated on my Skype premium settings page my original subscription was to expire 2/16/14 but now my credit card on file will be charged on 2/16/15. I am a happy camper now.

Hmmmm. After signing in using my MS account, whenever I tried to redeem it says "Unknown error occcured. Please try again later."