Modern.IE gets updated, offers Windows 8 and Parallels 8 for $25

The Internet Explorer team has been working hard to showcase the power of HTML5 over the past few years by building unique websites that show that the future of the web relies on web browsers, not apps. To build on this momentum, a few months back, Microsoft launched Modern.IE, a set of free developer tools designed to help programmers build and test their code more efficiently. In addition to pairing with the Webby Awards, the IE team is pushing out a few updates to the Modern.IE website.

The updates to the Modern.IE service include new ways to test a site's compatibility and a few more options to scan your site to detect site issues. The following is Microsoft's description of the new features:

For designers and developers, today we announce the availability of the Windows QuickStart for iOS including Parallels Desktop 8 and Windows 8. We have also updated modern.IE with new enhancements and virtualized copies of IE10 on Windows 7 and IE8 on Windows XP for testing purposes.

Additionally, Microsoft is offering Mac developers a copy of Windows 8 and Parallels Desktop 8 for a $25 donation to charity(courtesy of, but the supply is limited, so make sure to pre-order here.

These updates will help Modern.IE become an even more powerful tool for developers and will hopefully shave down the time required to build sites that are compatible with Internet Explorer.  

Not to let the fun stop with a few Modern.IE updates, the IE team is also pairing up with the Webby Awards to unveil a new winners gallery that uses the latest web standards. The gallery will showcase the last 16 years of winners and will feature a touch-enabled features such as gesture support to make browsing fast and fluid on devices like Microsoft's Surface tablets. 

Source: Microsoft

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Pain in the you know what to get this deal. Servers kept rejecting me. Took me over 50 tries after enabling the developer button. Kept kicking me back out. Alas, I finally have it ordered and WOOT!

The server is getting hammered, but I was finally able to get through. The little "test" at the end was clever. Can't wait to get mine!

How to enable the developer button? LOL.

edited: nevermind, couldn't find the element at first.

Edited by mackstuart, Apr 2 2013, 3:13pm :

Windows 8 for $25 wonder if this will count as number if windows 8 sold. The fanboys will have to jump in this and keek count

Only a whiny hater would find a way to make getting software at a reduced cost while donating to a charity into a bad thing.

SoylentG said,
Only a whiny hater would find a way to make getting software at a reduced cost while donating to a charity into a bad thing.


The swish site is getting hammered right now.
Really good offer for Parallels Desktop alone, even without the Windows 8 license.

edit: The developer check was a nice touch

Edited by sagum, Apr 2 2013, 2:59pm :

Yeah that was some good savings! The developer check was pretty cool - good way to weed out the people who just want it on the cheap. I got mine, it just takes a few tries! Thanks Neowin, yet again, for awesome info.