Microsoft job posting suggests new Xbox within 18 months

Earlier this week we saw that Microsoft job postings hinted development of a Surface tablet successor was likely already underway, and now another set of postings hints at the future of the Xbox platform. The post on Microsoft's Careers website in relation to a marketing position mentions how a bunch of new products will be launched the next 18 months: Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Surface and Xbox.

Over the next eighteen months Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox, along with completely new offerings like Microsoft Surface. This wave of product launches will define the course of the company for years to come and thus provides an unprecedented opportunity for us to refresh and evolve our strategic brands.

Of course this is no definite confirmation that a new Xbox will be available in 2013, as Microsoft earlier this week had to clarify a statement made in relation to the next Xbox being in development - even though it's still rather obvious Microsoft is secretly developing a next-generation console to compete with the Wii U, the next PlayStation and advancements in PC gaming.

Documents that were leaked earlier this year in relation to the "Xbox 720" mention a next-generation release for 2013, plus a successor to the Kinect (named Kinect V2 in the documents) is also expected around the same time. A price point for the console is speculated around $299, and there have been several, often conflicting rumors surrounding the hardware.

Via: The Verge
Source: Microsoft Careers

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I hope Windows "9" comes soon. I hate that I can't split "metro" apps (50/50) or even split "metro" and "non-metro" aps 50/50 on the screen.

I also hope WMC get an update on next windows.

I'll be interested to see whether the new Xbox shares apps with the Windows Store so it can double as a smart TV platform. They've already added various non-game things like Netflix to the 360, with Internet Explorer due in the next update.

the better twin said,
Next gen cant come soon enough, cod cod cod cod cod wore thin after the second one

Yes because CoD with just slightly nicer graphics will not wear thin equally as quickly.

what said,
Everything that is wrong with gaming at the moment will continue into next gen.

Basically this

Wish we knew some specs for the new system, I'm so curious to see what this next gen of consoles will be like.

Anthonyd said,
Everybody knows that it will be announced at the next E3, nothing new here.

Correction.... assumes, not knows.

I think it's not rocket science that there's a high change of a new Xbox coming out in 2013 Christmas time.

The proof is all the recent rumors about developers having access to early development hardware. This is how all starts, again and again.