Microsoft launches new Windows Phone site and video for India

Microsoft knows that it must bring out all the ammo to help sell its new platform. Knowing this, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see a new Windows Phone promo site launched in India.

The new site,, is a site to show off Windows Phone and all of its capabilities. The website also has the video below, which again, shows off Windows Phone and has a bit of humor tied in to it as well. 


Microsoft is pushing Windows Phone at every turn. After the Lumia 800 was announced, Microsoft has been on a campaign around the Globe to make Windows Phone a household name. This new site is only the latest example of Microsoft using all of its resources to get the word out about Windows Phone. 

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-Himanshu- said,

Lekin har ek friend jaroori hota hai.

Companies are targeting youngsters, same as airtel. B/w this is my caller tune

Mr.ed said,
Hmmm. Love the indian ladies.

Oh, and Windows Phone also rocks....


Indian women are the classiest in the world -- just like Windows Phone is the classiest smartphone OS.

fenderMarky said,

Seems you have good experience with the gay world...

No. But I have experience in the porn business for which the site's name is very appropriate.