Microsoft launches Popfly, Alpha Invite Only

Microsoft has announced the alpha version launch of a new product called Popfly, a tool designed to help non-programmers in creating, sharing, and embedding mashups of content, feeds, web pages and gadgets. The tool is web-based and allows you to drag and drop "blocks" onto a working surface and connect various data sources together. Once you create a mashup, Popfly allows you to publish it directly to your space as a gadget using the "Add to Windows Live Spaces" link. Popfly is free for 25MB of storage and requires Silverlight to function. It supports Mozilla Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher as well as JavaScript, AJAX libraries, HTML, XHTML, CSS, WMV, WMA, MP3, Visual Studio Express projects, JPG, PNG, GIF, and EXEs.

Video: Popfly screencast
View: Popfly Overview | Popfly Blog
Link: Microsoft Popfly | Invitation Thread
News source: Windows Live Spaces Blog

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dugbug said,
I like the name. Hopefully it won't become "Microsoft Web Mashup for Windows 2007 non-programmer edition"

Q Why did you call it Popfly?

A Well, left to our own devices we would have called "Microsoft Visual Mashup Creator Express, May 2007 Community Tech Preview Internet Edition," but instead we asked some folks for help and they suggested some cool names and we all liked Popfly.

That rubber ducky is scary.

Tell me about it. I don't know what Microsoft's obsession with that rubber ducky really is. Long live the rubber ducky! :P

It says that it supports Firefox but it doesn't work for me. It just says it doesn't support the browser I'm using at this time.


"Microsoft® Popfly™ is an alpha release right now. What that means is when the terms of use talk about the software being provided "as is," we mean it. Most other people only kind of mean it. We really, really mean it. Stuff will break. We’ll just apologize in advance. Sorry."

Didn't you read the article? It's a simple yet powerfull web tool "designed to help non-programmers in creating, sharing, and embedding mashups of content, feeds, web pages and gadgets."

I think it doesn't get any simpler to understand than that.

Even if it is for starters, advanced users can make their own blocks and expand on it even more. The screen cast look good. And this is a nice way for many people to make things quick and easy.