Microsoft launches public beta for Bing Saves

A few weeks ago, we reported that Microsoft had sent invites to a few people to test out Bing Saves, a new way to save content found while searching on the website. Now Microsoft has quietly opened up that beta test to the general public.

People who sign up to use Bing with their free Microsoft Account can now access Bing Saves, which lets people save any URLs generated in a search string to that page on the Bing site. It also has sections where people can see which URLs on Bing are currently trending, along with a "public feed" of addresses that might be of interest to the specific user.

We tested Bing Saves using IE11 as well as the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and it seems to work as advertised on all three browsers. One difference we noticed from the closed beta test is that there is no "Liked By Me" section in the open beta.

Microsoft does state at the bottom of the Bing Saves site that it is an experiment and as such, any saved data "may not be available later" so keep that in mind when you start collecting URLs on the page.

Source: Bing Saves | Image via Microsoft

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tytytucke said,
try going to the website....

No, you try. The "public feed" appears to be just a stream of what people are saving. There's a rudimentary comment system, but there's no breakdown of saved pages (nothing resembling subreddits either)
There's no way to "like" or "digg" or "upvote" any of the items. So no, nothing like reddit or any similar sites at all.

that's like saying facebook was nothing like myspace. Sure they are more different than they are the same but they are thought of as the same thing..... but different.

Its the same basic idea of sharing different website links from across the internet all in in one spot where users can contribute and or use the url's as part of a community, Its an unconventional way of a news site that is set apart from forums, blogs, social networking sites, etc. It falls in the same category as Reddit and is just another alternative to it.

Not really... old MSN search had a basic version of this... and even the new Bing Reading List app is somewhat similar to this too... this is a more advanced and useful version of that. So it isn't really a copy of that or what not.