Microsoft launches web-based Windows 8 app creator

Before now, if a person wanted to make an app for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8, the usual way is to program and create the app with a PC and associated development tools. Today, Microsoft announced that its research division has come up with a way to create apps for both operating systems via just a web browser.

The Microsoft Research blog has officially announced the TouchDevelop Web App, an offshoot of its previously released TouchDevelop App for Windows Phone. The blog states, "Ever since we released TouchDevelop, we’ve been eyeing the tablet form factor and working on a version for the browser. Now, with the release of TouchDevelop Web App, the wait is over."

You will have to sign in via your Windows Live, Facebook, or Google account to access the TouchDevelop Web App page. Once that's done, you can begin your great app development career by watching some tutorial videos on how to use the available tools on the site to make Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 apps. While the web app has been programmed for use by touch screens on tablets and smartphones, PC users can also use it with a keyboard and mouse.

As you can see, it has a "Modern" UI design that should get aspiring developers in the mood to make apps for Microsoft's newest operating systems. There's also a forum where people can discuss their creations, along with a way to see what other TouchDevelop Web App creators have already made with the web tools.

Source: Microsoft Research | Image via Microsoft

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I think it's a nice thing for schools to get kids started on programming. Not as their primary programming language but good to get them interested.

I can't wait with all the new kids playing on this to come up with a ground breaking simple addictive game like the snake game on old nokia phones

This looks cool, strange that it won't let you access it on IE9, says to use the IE10 release preview...alrighty....but tells you the latest firefox or chrome will be fine

The easier apps become to program, the less efficient they end up being.

I am guessing a basic calculator made on this new platform would not run on a 486. Yes, I know that no one uses a 486, however, why should a calculator use more than a few megabytes of RAM? The one in XP already uses about 3.5MB of RAM. Back in the System 6/7 days, we were only looking at a calculator using a few tens/hundreds of kilobytes (not megabytes).

What happened? Developers took advantage of more powerful hardware. (It was best in terms of business strategies).

I personally prefer speed, so I am sticking with C++.

They also have a site template in SharePoint 2013 that allows you to develop apps for office and SharePoint. VS code window in browser