Microsoft launches Xbox One controller and headset pre-orders

Until now, people who were interested in buying extra Xbox One controllers beyond the one that comes bundled with the game console itself were out of luck. Indeed, Microsoft stated several weeks ago that a pre-order listing for the Xbox One controller on in June was "speculative." That has now changed as Microsoft has now launched its own sales for the controller, along with other Xbox One accessories.

According to a listing on the Microsoft Store website, the Xbox One controller can now be officially pre-ordered for $59.99, which is the same price that Amazon and other retailers had for their own "speculative" listings. Microsoft is also selling the Play and Charge Kit for the controller (which features a rechargeable battery pack and a charging cable) on its own for $24.99); it can also be purchased bundled with the controller for $74.99.

Microsoft is selling the official Xbox One Chat Headset for $24.99. Microsoft has made the decision not to include a headset with the Xbox One console itself, as it does with the current Xbox 360. Finally, the company is selling a 12-month subscription to its Xbox Live service as a special "Xbox One Day One" commemorative for $59.99. It comes in a special case and card design and also allows Xbox One users to download the upcoming fighting game "Killer Instinct: Round One" with the exclusive Shadow Jago character.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft

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Does anyone know if they're planning on making wired controllers ?

I think the wired Xbox 360 controllers were perfect : they're cheaper, you don't need to worry about charging batteries, and they can be used on both Xbox and PC without any adapater (also I'm pretty sure it's more ecological).

I'd be disappointed if I couldn't buy a couple of wired controllers like I did for my 360...

I came here to ask the same question. I use a wired 360 controller for my computer, but I am interested in the improved D-Pad (and to bring it over to a mates to play Xbox with him, all his controllers are weird in some way).

I just mentioned this above, but there's only one controller right now. The Xbox One controller transmits data through USB now, so if you connect the micro usb cable, it will operate through that cable wired (it will also work on the pc this way too).

From what I've been reading, there won't be a Windows version, it will be the same controller (only wired though). You can use a micro usb cable to connect the Xbox One controller to a pc to use that way. Sucks there's no wireless option right now, unless the pc supports wifi-direct. Even then, I'm not 100% sure if it will work wirelessly, but you shouldn't have a problem using it wired.

It would be very disappointing if Microsoft decided not to provide a Windows version of the Xbox One Controller. I'm simply not interested in going back to a wired controller.

deadonthefloor said,


If dictation becomes useful, then so be it. But for now, we have to trust me what we're used to.

Drewidian said,
I just hope they bring the chatpad back. It make my life so much easier when trying to search for anything.

SmartGlass makes the chat pad kind of pointless. You can type from any tablet or smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android). Not to mention any laptop or PC with SmartGlass. Navigating your Xbox with a laptop is actually really cool.

Avatar Roku said,

SmartGlass makes the chat pad kind of pointless. You can type from any tablet or smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android). Not to mention any laptop or PC with SmartGlass. Navigating your Xbox with a laptop is actually really cool.

I use SmartGlass on my phone from time to time, and its fine when I'm using Netflix or watching media already, but I don't want to have to put down my controller and pick up my phone, tablet, or go get my laptop every time I need to enter a password, code, or search for something. Speaking to Kinnect is great so long as the room isn't noisy, but when I'm gaming with my friends, I don't want to have to tell everyone to be quiet while I try over and over to get the search result I want. I know its supposed to be better, but I'd rather have the KB input.

While SmartGlass would make it redundant for people that have tablets or smartphones, I did hear the rumor that the new proprietary plug underneath the controller would be able to give surround sound and power a multitouch touchscreen. So who knows...I hope it does though as it sounds great.