Microsoft leaker gets three months in prison

A few months back, Alex Kibkalo was arrested for leaking trade secrets and trying to profit from his nefarious ways.

Kibkalo pleaded guilty to the charges as Microsoft had accessed his email account and had all the evidence it needed that he was sending information to a French blogger. While Microsoft has always tried to stop leaks of images and other product details, it was the leak of its Activation Server Software Development Kit that pushed Microsoft to pursue this leak through any available means.  The fear was that a keygen would be created with the software that could do serious harm to Microsoft’s bottom line.

The three month prison sentence will include time already served which means he will be released June 19th. The arrest of Kibkalo had a large impact on the leak community; one popular site, Wzor, closed quickly after his arrest. Wzor does still release leaked information but its credibility has been questioned.

For Alex, the sentence is likely a relief as the charges for stealing trade secrets could have been much worse, but since he appears to have cooperated with authorities, they requested a lighter sentence. 

Even so, Kibkalo will likely have a hard time finding a job in the corporate world with this hanging over his head. A search of Google for his name brings up stories about the theft of secrets and few employers will want to take the risk and hire Kibkalo because of his past.

The big question for Microsoft enthusiasts is if this will stop the leak of Windows builds. Considering that information is still surfacing about Windows 9 and quite a few build leaks came from China, we suspect that this will certainly slow some of the leaks - but not all of the holes have been plugged.

Source: Via MyCE

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I've always thought these so called "leaks" are free advertisement. Do they not cause a lot of hype? (Some cause weeping and gnashing of teeth) :) I am referring to general leaks and not the Activation Toolkit leak.

cork1958 said,
3 months is all?

Hope his life is screwed for ever then, if that's all they gave him. What a moron!!

Pretty boy like him? 3 days would probably ruin him.

cork1958 said,
3 months is all?

Hope his life is screwed for ever then, if that's all they gave him. What a moron!!

I think MS should have taken him & his immediate family and had them all executed.

How DARE he double cross a corporation like this for his own profit. Sub-humans scum like this need to be sought out & removed permanently.

His life is pretty much screwed at this point. White collar employers would most likely pass by him for what he did. Heck, maybe even Walmart would pass.

Build leaks and Activation Toolkit code leak are completely different.

I guess even Microsoft doesn't bother about leaked builds, because they are just trial copies and nothing much that can be seen/used by one or another.

But when the code base is reveled for the same, things get serious :-/

Why did he risk it? How much was the blogger paying him? What a waste, this is very detrimental to his life. I don't know the man, maybe he's a total jerk and deserves worse, but if not and he just made a stupid mistake i hope he can rebuild his life.

How foolish of him.
If I worked for Microsoft Corporation, I would be the Corporation's Trusted Platform Module, metaphorically speaking.

FloatingFatMan said,
He's not in Europe!

His only chance of a job now is a name change and a new city.

His only chance of a job now is moving to Europe.