Microsoft lowers price of Kinect to $109.99

The price to obtain the Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360 console has been lowered. Microsoft has announced that starting today, the price for the motion gesture device has been lowered by $40 and will be priced at $109.99 in the US.

Microsoft, via the Major Nelson website, also said that the Kinect will receive a price drop for the rest of North America, as well as Latin America and Asia Pacific countries. The price will also be lowered in Australia and New Zealand sometime in October. There are no plans to lower the price of the add-on for European territories or Japan.

Microsoft officially launched Kinect for the Xbox 360 in November 2010 with a massive marketing campaign. The company has tried to push the idea that gamers can now be their own controller for Xbox 360 games made especially for the Kinect add-on. Since then Microsoft has shipped over 18 million Kinect devices.

Earlier this year, Microsoft started selling a version of Kinect made for Windows 7 and since a number of software developers have created a number of non-gaming applications for the device. There's no word if Microsoft plans to lower the price of the Kinect for Windows version.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Microsoft

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229NZD is way too much for this in New Zealand, ill have a look at the price when it drops in October, but its going to be cheap before i get it.

That last dash update pooched my kinect and they want $90 to repair it since its over 1 yr old. I can just add $19 and get a brand new one lol

" . . . no plans to lower the price of the add-on for European territories . . . "

Well ... that sucks!

Can someone please explain why Kinect for Windows is so expensive? It costs more than twice the amount of the regular version in the UK (three times the amount compared to the new US price), yet the only difference is the drivers.

It's very simple. Ont he Xbox 360 the Kinect drives a ecosystem of games that either require it or offer Kinect based enhancements. Software sales is where all the real money in gaming is to be found. Hardware is what you do to sell software.

On Windows there aren't any Microsoft Kinect games or third party games that feed Microsoft royalties. So the hardware needs to turn a profit on its own rather than be sold at break even or a loss to encourage the software market for Kinect.