Microsoft Lync 2013 Skype support revealed; mobile app ports coming soon

Microsoft is holding its first ever official Lync conference today in San Diego and the company used it to announce some upcoming plans for its Lync 2013 enterprise collaboration software. One of the reveals today is that iOS and Windows Phone 8 versions of the software will be made available in early March, followed a month later by an Android port.

The apps will all include VoIP and video over IP features and the Lync 2013 iPad version will also allow users to view shared desktop and application content in a Lync meeting. Microsoft's blog also announced that Lync 2013 will include integrated support for Skype by June. The blog said:

This move will begin to enable what we call B2X. B2X places the focus of business communication on enabling human interactions. B2X puts people first and looks at communications in a unified way, not as disparate technology silos focused on one task or protocol.

The conference also talked about what Microsoft called Lync Room System. a series of products designed to help businesses who have conference rooms use their technology in a better way. The blog states:

Lync Room System makes it easy to share any content on your computer as naturally as you share video—and it is all automatically configured so you can start your meetings without technical difficulties.

A number of third party companies will release products based on Lync Room System, including Crestron, Lifesize, Polycom, and SMART. Microsoft will also offer quarterly Lync Online updates and a new Lync server version in the second quarter of 2014.

Source: Microsoft blog | Image via Microsoft

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Our organization is about to take a Hybrid approach to Office 365, keeping 1 mailbox server on site for legal purposes. I'm excited to see how MS handles the federation between these two services. It would be interesting if businesses built a directory that was accessible for Skype users to make a VOIP to VOIP call since it could put the phone companies out of business in a decade and how those companies will react to it. Personally I think acquiring Skype was one of the smartest coups Microsoft made. If they end up integrating it and the directory services for both Lync and Skype they could have something that could put Bing on the map for businesses and thus consumers in a way that Google can't. Its going to be an interesting ride.

Drewidian said,
keeping 1 mailbox server on site for legal purposes. .

Out of curiousity, why?

Bill Gates wasnt pushing the Skype purchase for no reason
I'd love to see Skype (or parts of) intergrated into AD. It could be a strong competitor to companies building/providing Phone networks for cooperations.

Shadowzz said,
Out of curiousity, why?

Some companies prefer that any legal-sensitive emails are kept under control. Hosting companies can be compelled by the Government to disclose email contents without informing the recipient so in these cases they'd rather receive any subpoenas themselves so they're aware of them.

Also, companies may also prefer to keep executive emails segregated on their own server, separate from the rest of the company for performance and security reasons.

Sounds fantastic, just started using lync with office 365 and a 3rd party based subscription for pbx functionality. A fully cloud based telephony system fully customisable and feature rich, and reading this about to get a whole lot better