Microsoft may help game development team hit by Christmas Eve flood

While many people were getting ready to open presents last week, the four man team at UK-based developer Hello Games had to deal with an extremely harsh reality. The team's office in Guildford was hit with flooding on Christmas Eve, thanks to a nearby river that broke its banks.

The company's Twitter account posted up a brief account of what happened the day after the floods:

Hello Games is best known for developing the two titles in the side-scrolling Joe Danger arcade series. Earlier in December, the team surprised the world with the announcement of their next project at Spike TV's VGX event. It's a space exploration and combat game called No Man's Sky, where every planet and every life form is procedurally generated.

The trailer for the game has generated a ton of interest in No Man's Sky, but now it looks like the flooding in Hello Games' offices could threaten its development. To make matters worse, the team later found out their location was not insured for the damages:

There has been a huge response from game fans on the Internet asking if they can help. Among them is Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer who has confirmed that he has tried to contact Hello Games to see if the company can assist them in their time of need:

Another Guilford-based game developer, Born Ready Games, also had their building hit with the same Christmas Eve floods, but the team has indicated they were able to get their PCs out of their offices before the brunt of the water showed up.

Source: Hello Games on Twitter and Phil Spencer on Twitter

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I was actually thinking how great it would be to see MS step up and help these guys out, and they did it. Good guy Microsoft.

Geezy said,
I can't believe they weren't insured against floods.

They were, in theory, just insurance companies have hidden clauses everywhere to stop them from having to pay out.

I can't speak for the UK, but you can in the US but it's a government program. It's not included in your regular insurance. The problem is the potential size of a flood impact makes it an unworkable risk for most insurance companies.

They should sue their legal representative for screwing up their insurance so badly! That is basic stuff. Good on Microsoft if they do step in and help.

Hope they get the help they need. I hope neowin follows this case so if they go the kickstarter fought we all can help

A very nice gesture on Microsoft and the others' part, especially at this time of year.

If they chose not to go the corporate assistance route, they could probably also do a Kickstarter as well. All is not lost.

Really glad to hear this, I've been following the story and while the guys have been joking about and trying to make light of the situation it's obviously devastating to them. Good to hear that they might be getting some help!