Microsoft names the next 5 cities to receive a Microsoft store

Microsoft has been building out its retail presence for a few years now and has been opening stores consistently for the past 6 months. That trend continues today with the announcement of 5 news stores in 5 different states across the US.

If you happen to live in Natick, MA, Honolulu, HI, Portland, OR, Schaumburg, IL, or Troy, MI, a Microsoft store will be opening in your location in the near future.

The stores are expected to arrive this summer and like all of the other store openings, we expect Microsoft to throw a party when the stores open up for shopping.

Microsoft Stores are an important part of Microsoft’s strategy to directly reach out to consumers and be able to show off all of the latest Microsoft and Windows products in an environment that is conducive to allowing consumers to try out multiple types of machines in a place where they can receive expert advice if needed.

Because of this, Microsoft is growing the footprint of its retail presence to make sure that they can pitch Windows 8, Windows Phones and all the other Microsoft products in a professional and articulate way so that consumers can get the most out of their products.

Look for these shops to open up this summer and we fully expect Microsoft to continue its retail presence expansion later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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In the US there are only a few companies that control the vast majority of the shopping centers in the country. Typically they like to have a similar portfolio of stores in each mall, and they separate into more upscale and less upscale models before you get down to malls that are not indoors.

It's far easier for Microsoft to work with GGP and Simon to open up stores in malls that fit their desired customer profile than it is to site stores outside the country.

gb8080 said,
London??? Apple has FIVE in London alone, and a whole number of others spread across the UK. See
So it can't be that hard for a US company to open stores in Europe - all they have to do is wake up and realise there is a world outside.

And how many retail store chains have you launched?

M_Lyons10 said,

And how many retail store chains have you launched?

Don't be silly, none of course but I don't have the resources of Apple or Microsoft. I'm putting forward the nearest comparable and making the point that if Apple can do it then Microsoft ought to be able to do so but seems to have neglected Europe.

HOW, how does it make ANY sense to open a store in Schaumburg when we don't yet have a MS store in downtown Chicago. Somebody please explain this to me, because I'm baffled that we already have like 2-3 Apple stores and MS is willfully choosing NOT to open one here. Specially in Michigan Avenue!

Seriously. Somebody please explain. It makes NO sense at ALL. Whoever's running the retail division is a Dufus who needs to get fired.

Does this (Shops at North Bridge, 520 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, Phone: (855) 270-6581) location not count?

Granted, it's not an appalling big box store between 2 no-name brands, but it's there... downtown... Michigan Ave...

I don't think pop up stores count.... The only thing there are the Surfaces. There's much more to Microsoft than that. And it's invisible. You have to walk in and know it's there. Doesn't stand out and bring people in.

That being said, I still think Schaumburg getting one is a necessity. Should have happened before Oak Brook, that's for sure. But downtown sorely needs its own store. But so does NYC and they still have nothing as well.

As mtpfischer said, that's a pop-up store. Unless MS confirms it'll become a permanent store of sorts, it doesn't count, it could go away tomorrow. A correction to mtpfischer though: Surfaces are prominent in this pop-up store for sure, but they're not the only hardware, there's plenty of other brands' ultrabooks to try. Completely agree on the NYC necessity too.

I haven't been there since October 26th.... Glad they have some other ultrabooks there and stuff. Still only covers a small portion of Microsoft. That would also be a terrible permanent location. They need something that stands out. They need their own store front on Michigan avenue. The feel of a true Microsoft store is completely different. It is really inviting and draws you in. They need that.

Message to Microsoft Retail: There is a world beyond the shores of your beloved United States!
Like Studio384 said "Europe!" ... there's France, there's Spain, there's Germany, there's Italy, and
many other countries. Oh, and there's also a certain well known land mass called Britain too!

Microsoft Retail, do try venturing beyond the US and the almighty Dollar ... you might like it!

Trust me when I say this, they are. The reason for the delays is both real estate negotiations, and supply chain logistics. Otherwise, they're quite busy on the expansion front...

Nas said,
Trust me when I say this, they are. The reason for the delays is both real estate negotiations, and supply chain logistics. Otherwise, they're quite busy on the expansion front...

And the fact that they have so few stores in the US to begin with.

Man, I was hoping for either Aurora or Naperville, IL. Oh well. The Schaumburg location is actually farther from me than the Oak Brook location. Oh well.

It would never have come to Aurora or Naperville before Schaumburg. I'm shocked that Oak Brook got it before Woodfield Mall. I'm still shocked downtown doesn't have one either (the pop up store doesn't count). That being said though, most ridiculous that NYC doesn't even have one (though I hate NYC anyways).