Microsoft offers free WiFi for Skype Premium users during August

If you are a paid member of Microsoft's Skype Premium service, the month of August will give you something extra to look forward to, especially if you are a frequent traveler with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Microsoft announced today that from now until August 30th, Skype Premium subscribers will be able to access any of the one million Skype WiFi supported hotpots for free. This is especially good for travelers who have laptops but sometimes have to pay extra to access a WiFi connection in a hotel room or in an airport terminal.

The price for Skype Premium service is $9.99 per month, or $4.99 a month if you pay up front for 12 months. US users can then use Skype for unlimited calls on mobile and landlines numbers to the US and Canada, with other options available for many other countries. Skype WiFi is supported by Windows 8's Modern UI, along with the regular Windows desktop, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched a Skype WiFi app for Windows 8 which lets users detect if a WiFi hotspot is supported by Skype and then letting them pay for their online connection time via Skype Credit.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Nice but until this app supports Microsoft accounts, I will stay away from it.

Meanwhile, it remains unbelievable that Microsoft did release this app without supporting its own credentials system. Another unexplainably stupid move toward the non-integration of its ecosystem.

This baffles me too. I honestly don't know why they discontinued Messenger so soon. They should have waited until Skype was properly integrated into their system. It still doesn't use the Microsoft account by default, and it doesn't use any of the connected services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) so you have to manually re-add those into Skype, and it doesn't even sync Fav contacts even though it exists in the Microsoft account contact list. Skype still feels completely separate from the eco system.