Microsoft offers free Windows Phone apps through Bing Rewards

Microsoft has been offering some great free stuff to searchers through its Bing Rewards program, and if you’ve got a Windows Phone, their selection just got even better, with gift certificates for the Windows Phone Store.

The new certificates come in two varieties: $1.25 and $5. Strangely, though, the price in Bing Points – the digital ‘currency’ Microsoft awards Bing users based on how much they search – doesn’t quite add up with the actual value of the reward. The $1.25 reward will set you back 170 points, and the $5 reward will cost you 525 points. With Microsoft’s other rewards, like Amazon gift cards, 100 points comes out as $1, so it seems like they’re getting a little bit of a premium on the new offers.

Still, if you’re a Windows Phone user who happens to use Bing, it’s a great way to save yourself some cash and still be able to get the apps you love. We can't help but wonder if they'll be offering Windows 8 apps soon, too. If you’re not already signed up, you really should give it a shot; you can actually rake in a fair amount of cash just by searching. Everyone likes free money, right?

Source: WPCentral

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With all these freebies, the Pandora freebie, the advertising, Windows 8 and the low price of the Nokia Lumias Windows Phone 8 devices will soon be flying off the shelves and marketshare will be way up.

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ogamawab said,
The new apps can't be used with wp 7.5 What come on Microsoft...

The fact that new apps can't be used with WP7.5 is meaningless in this context. The problem is that you need the Wallet feature of WP8.

I can't tell you how awesome this is. Finally something worth while on Bing Rewards. FYI Bing search is not bad. I just wish it was easy to set a time period to search from like you can do in Google.

Edit: I just realized it is easy to search by time but not obvious lol. It's up at the top of the page next to search results. Also, it looks like it just works with news not general search.