Microsoft offers up some new spring Windows 8 themes

Spring is just a few days away, so Microsoft decided to jump the gun a tad and give the world a heads-up on some new and spring-inspired themes that can be downloaded for Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs.

While there's nothing that stands out in this new batch of themes like the Halo 4 theme that Microsoft released a few weeks ago, the Windows Experience blog lists some of the new selections that you can download. One has nine images from photographer Mayur Kotlikar that show one of the first sights of spring – bees that are busy pollinating flowers. If you like your images of flowers without those pesky bees, the Garden Glimpses Windows 8 theme has 14 images from photographer Rangan Das.

The Large and Small Windows 8 theme has nine truly impressive nature images from photographer Ondřej Vlček, and there's also a new selection of eight dolphin images for yet another new theme (not exactly spring-themed, but we will give them that one). There's also A Book of SLeep, a theme based on the acclaimed children's book from writer-artist Il Sung Na.

Finally, Microsoft has a new panoramic Windows 8 theme for download which supports images that stretch over two monitors. As you can see, it focuses on some beautiful desert imagery in 15 pictures.

Source: Windows Experience blog | Images via Microsoft

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When Microsoft starts making 5760x1200 wallpapers for their themes, I might take a look... Currently I either make them myself through screenshots in games with Eyefinity, or check out multi-monitor wallpaper sites on the net. I must admit however, what wallpapers Microsoft does offer are pretty decent quality.

john.smith_2084 said,
these are not themes, these are desktop background to make that ugly garbage look better a bit.
You do realize these work on Windows XP and Vista and 7...right? What ugly garbage are you speaking of? Your ugly garbage pc?

Have we reached the joyous moment where Microsoft realizes some computer users actually have screen resolutions in excess of 1920×1080 / 1920×1200?