Microsoft offers Visual Studio 2013 to DreamSpark subscribers

Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2013 to the general public in mid-October but decided to keep the software development tools away from its student oriented DreamSpark subscription service. Friday, that changed as Microsoft is now offering the Visual Studio 2013 Professional SDK on DreamSpark.

The release means that the students who have signed up to use the service can download the full version of Visual Studio 2013 for free. In addition, DreamSpark users can download the version of Visual Studio Express 2013 made for Windows along with the web-based port. This follows the release of Windows 8.1 Pro which was offered via DreamSpark in September.

In addition to its arrival on Dreamspark, Visual Studio 2013 is also supposed to be available for volume licensing customers starting today. Retailer resellers should also be able to sell the tools in the near future, but no specific date was announced. While Visual Studio 2013 is now released to the public, Microsoft still plans to have an online launch event for their software tools on November 13th to help promote the new version as well as to give software developers more information on the changes and new additions to the tools.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Gah, my subscription just expired... If anyone could spare one of their editions (either Pro or Premium), PM me and you'll have my gratefulness forever

Asik said,
Gah, my subscription just expired... If anyone could spare one of their editions (either Pro or Premium), PM me and you'll have my gratefulness forever

Did anyone give you one yet?

It has been on dreamspark for a long time, I downloaded VS 2013 Premium (NOT RC) from there on 26th last month. What do you mean on Friday?

Maybe on dreamspark premium it has been but it definitely hasn't been on the basic dreamspark until yesterday. Pitty my uni is stingy and will only give premium access to post grads and nobody else.

I just checked my Dreamspark today and I found the download. Been checking it almost every day since RTM/GA.

Does anyone know if the license is time bombed?

I also got 2013 Premium through my Premium Dreamspark but I am almost sure it is time-bombed for two years...

adrynalyne said,
If you read the license agreement, you will see that it is not.

I can always count that someone else will read it and let me know. Thanks.

Thief000 said,
The best I'd say, but that's my opinion.

You're not the only one. I personally can't picture myself developing on anything but VS (even if not doing .NET related stuff). I use it for everything form software to database development. And with things such as Xamarin and Icenium, you can even build native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android (and Windows Phone obviously).