Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac screenshots revealed

Boy Genius has posted some early screenshots of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.  The screenshots reveal development on Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2011.

Much like Microsoft Office 2010 appearance, Office 2011 for Mac includes the ribbon on every application.  This will also be the first time Outlook will be available in the Office Suite for the Mac.  The appearance between Outlook for Windows and Mac appear to be similar, including a mail preview pane, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes available for use.

The screenshots also show a quick search in the toolbar for Outlook, Excel, and Word, for searching within your inbox, spreadsheet, or documents.  Office 2011 is also said to include the same multi-use feature that Office 2010 includes, allowing for you and your co-worker to work on the same document at the same time.

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I'm a Mac user, and for the first time, I can say a Microsoft product on the Mac, judging by those screenshots, will be good. Never thought that before.

When 2008 was released, I was like "Wow, they had this whole nice Office 2007 interface on Windows and they reworked it from scratch to make a Mac Version. Everyone'll be lost... Man... " But this time, same interface on both, it's just that one is Windows-ish, and the other is Mac-ish. This is GREAT.

cyberdrone2000 said,
Why the hell is there still a Ribbon, a Toolbar, AND a Menubar?
Hasn't anyone learned from that UI ABORTION that was Office 2008?
Does anyone at Microsoft even USE THIS? Does anyone anywhere use this (apart from the people who don't know that there are alternatives.)

Seriously, When I saw the headline, I was thinking "OOH! Now they'll have fixed the UI!".. I saw the Outlook one, and I thought "Okay... A ribbon is fine. It works well on windows, but I guess we'll still have a menu bar".

Then I clicked "next" in the slideshow and I just about lost it!

Single screenshots are usually representative of the whole UI experience, yes.

Office for Mac has been PURE CRAP.

"Office" in NAME only. Office for Mac has always been a joke. PLEASE let 2011 be "real" Office!!

- Office for Mac doesn't follow any UI guidelines from Office for Windows. Everything that people learned how to use in Office 2007 was completely *gone* in Office 2008. A "newer" version of Office that was a massive step back.

- Word for Mac not only doesn't look like Word for Windows, but doesn't function the same either. Something as simple as "Ctrl Enter" for a page break doesn't work on Mac. Documents that look a certain way in one version of Word may look totally different in the other version of Word.

- Excel for Mac can't open any complex spreadsheets Excel for Windows opens. It can't open any Excel spreadsheets that use Macros or any other advanced features. Only the most basic spreadsheets work, and none of the "Office" advantages work on Mac.

- No Macros or VB support in Office for Mac. Power users that spend hours/days/weeks developing advanced "Office" documents will find out Mac users can't open them.

- No Microsoft Access for Mac. Access has existed for a long time on Windows, but has never been a part of Office for Mac.

- No Microsoft Outlook for Mac. No, Entourage doesn't count. Outlook is FAR more than just "email". Entourage 13.0, released in late 2009, does add some features Outlook supports, but it still can't do many basic things that Outlook users take for granted. Entourage 13.0 supports shared Tasks, but a user still needs to use Outlook to share the Task before it can be accepted and managed with Entourage!

I know Office for Mac and Office for Windows are by two different teams, but it is pathetic. Office for Mac has been a nightmare to work with.

All of our Mac users end up loading VMware Fusion + Windows + Office for Windows to get any work done.

I dunno. Office for Mac hasn't been THAT bad in my experience. I only use it on occasion. I use mostly Office 2003 for Windows. I doubt I will upgrade from 2008 Home and Student to 2011 unless the upgrade price is cheep.

I think that MS has to be given props for continuing to support Office for Mac. If MS decided to pull Mac support for Office, it would no doubt hurt Mac sells. Office is the established business standard (for now).

Think you Apple for Boot Camp. With Boot Camp you have the ability to run Office 2010, and run it in 64 bit mode (works great). One of my problems with Office for Mac is how slow it is; just drives me crazy, and because of this I dished out $79.00 (USD) for iWorks. Pages is not the greatest word processor; albeit it is faster and more reliable then Word. Another thing, get rid of that stupid iTunes band across the top, this is just plan stupid and takes up to much screen real estate. Here's hoping they get it right, though I doubt it.

Juski814 said,
I personally don't care how it looks, I want to know if it will crash even half as much as the 2008 version did. I have yet to be able to completely spell/grammar check a document with Word 2008 without it crashing. I had to go back to Office 2004 just so that I could have a functioning program.

You should just give up at using anything electronic, you're obviously a complete failure at it.

Juski814 said,

What the hell is your problem, kid?

The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people using it without crashing tells me you're an epic failure as so far as using electronic devices.

rawr_boy81 said,

The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people using it without crashing tells me you're an epic failure as so far as using electronic devices.

You're an idiot. A simple Google search would show you that others experience this issue as well as other issues with Office 2008 for Mac. But please, continue to bless this thread with such profound and helpful comments which only highlight your ignorance and lack of any value as a person.

egraells said,
Does anybody know if there is a way to test it?

Wasn't able to find anywhere on the internet that might be offering a beta test version.

Pam14160 said,

Wasn't able to find anywhere on the internet that might be offering a beta test version.

Thank u very much Pam14160!! I tried it too, but no luck either.

Providing all the toolbars are optional/collapsable, I'm looking forward to this. Outlook looks exactly like it should do.

0nyX said,
Still not as functional and easy to use as the win version.

You know this because you used Microsoft Office 2011?

Man, see, the only problem I'd have with buying Office on the mac... is that its soo expensive. Double the price of what it is on PC.

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