Microsoft Office 2013 may hit general availability on March 31st


Microsoft Office is a cornerstone product for the company as the productivity suite is considered to be the best on the market and is used by millions of consumers each day.

Microsoft has already pulled the covers back on the Office platform and it is already available to those of you who have a Windows RT device and various other corporate developer channels. But for those of you who have been waiting for general availability so that you can go down to your local shop and pick up a key or download it directly from Microsoft, the last we officially heard was Q1 of 2013 for when that would become possible.

If you are willing to believe a conversation with Microsoft tech support, it looks like Office 2013 will hit general availability on March 31.

That’s all we have for now but it looks like a version of Office was mistakenly put online at the Microsoft Singapore store. It was a user who purchased a copy of Office 2013 from the store and then was unable to download the software so he reached out to the support agent who then stated that the software would be available at the end of March.

Until Microsoft comes clean on the launch timeline, this is the best guess that we have to date. Seeing that March 31 is still in Q1 of 2013, the date seems plausible and it continues the rumored trend that Microsoft launches on the very last day of their launch window

Source: Hardware Zone Forums

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Highly doubt this is true. It's going to be either later this month / early next month. With the Trial expiration coming up very soon, and Office 365 and RT versions being released soon, Surface Pro coming very soon too, I'm sure it's all going to get released together. Maybe the boxed versions will come later, but for sure the online versions will come this month.

That is slightly annoying, my trial expires soon and gotta wait till the end of March to get the full version? I can see what they are up to, is a sneaky way to "encourage" people to subscribe to Office 365 instead of getting a normal copy (which means more money for MS). Well played but I'll just wait...

given my office 2013 trial expires in 10 days, I can't see Office 2013 GA being any later than January. most people would be annoyed if they had to uninstall the trial and reinstall an old version of office for a month or two.

Me too... I'm actually going to give Office 365 Home Premium a shot. 5 licenses, Free Skype calls, and always getting the latest version... in the long run, it adds up to about the same as getting each release... but with more value-added.

The source (Microsoft support chat) says 31 MAY 2013. The web store where I purchase my software (a store meant for students in the Netherlands - not Dreamspark) will most likely start to sell Office 2013 halfway this month (although I don't know if they will also be selling Office 365 subscriptions).

There is quite a large wait between the RTW and the RTM for the general public - does that mean that there will be an update shortly after its release? I'm assuming that after almost 5 months of testing by developers and enterprise customers that the feedback will result in a speedy delivery of the first service pack?

Isn't Office 365 Subscription service coming out this month? That seems a long time for the boxed version seeing as many are already running final version on TechNet.