Microsoft Office 2013 now on sale in Australia

It's January 29th in Australia and other parts of the world and that means that Microsoft has pulled the trigger on the official sales of its Office 2013 software lineup. The Australian version of the Microsoft Store website now has several versions of the productivity software suite available for purchase.

The store's website shows that the folks down under will have to pay AU$169 ($175 USD) for Office Home and Student 2013, AU$299 ($310 USD) for Office Home and Business 2013 and AU$599 ($622 USD) for Office Professional 2013, all for use by just one PC. You can also get a one year subscription to Office 365 Home Premium, which includes a license to install Office 2013 on five PCs or Macs for AU$119 ($123 USD).

This means that the folks in Europe should be able to buy Office 2013 and the new version of Office 365 in just a few hours. The US will likely have to wait until midnight Eastern time, or perhaps midnight Pacific time, to buy Office 2013 online. As we have reported before, Microsoft is gearing up for some kind of Office 2013 launch event in New York City in its famous Bryant Park location.

Source: Microsoft Store Australia | Image via Microsoft

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Home and Student version only 1 install license now? That sucks, guess I'm sticking with Office 2010 then. The main reason I bought the Home and Student version was it allowed 3 installs...guess those days are over

Actually gonna go for Office 365 Home Premium. Works out better value then getting 3 copies of Home and Student plus you get more. I'm not a fan of subscriptions but I'm gonna go for it!

If you're using it for non-commercial use you can just buy word for AU$99, or spring the extra $70 for Excel, OneNote and Powerpoint in Home and Student 2013.

theyarecomingforyou said,
Did Microsoft improve the customisation options? I tried the preview version but wasn't particularly impressed by it.

You have a darker theme now.
I will give it a try tomorrow; the preview, especially Outlook, is very slow, hope it has improved.

Weird... been using this for a couple of weeks through Home Use Program... didn't know it was just making its way to retail.

brent3000 said,
So they have dropped the 1PC and 1 Portable device licence structure??

As they did with the "Upgrade Edition" and the two licenses for Office Pro....
For years MS dreamt to take customers to an yearly subscription model as the did with SA for business; nothing wrong with the wish but....
Now it seems that the boxed edition will be installable on one PC only and not transferable.
If this is true my Office 2010 will be reinstalled right away.

I got mine from last week. I am surprise it was available before it went retail.

I don't know if the retail version is the same, but the "home-use" one does not come with an offline installer.

And New Zealand, prices if anyone is interested:

365 Home Premium: $165
Home and Student: $239
Home and Business: $425
Professional: $859

I didn't realise it wasn't available in at retail. Been using the preview and the TechNet version for a while now.

Took me ages to find out how to border a cell in Excel though.