Microsoft Officially Opens Email Registration

Microsoft has officially opened the much anticipated and well overdue registration for the new email addresses. This minor update along with the rest of wave 2 of Microsoft's Windows Live Suite allows users to now fully take advantage of Windows Live. Microsoft should have opened registration to the acronym when the company first started Windows Live, but nonetheless this is a welcome change. The company now gives users a change and the ability to get away from the old "Hotmail" acronym and finally puts their email service in-line with the rest of the Windows Live Suite.

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Windows Live is butt ugly and plain. They take no pride and put no passion in the cosmetic side of web design which is exactly why this brand will not be a phenomenon.

Swordnyx said,
Obviously you've never used Gmail.

I use Gmail myself, mainly because I don't care if my e-mail looks pretty. Google's whole thing is the minimalist approach, which has its appeal to the neo-tech geek/slacker whatever types. As the biggest software company in the world, I expect way better than the same generic graphical theme we always see. Forgetful names (Live This, Live That) don't help either. I prefer AOL's set of services. They look nice as well as their ability to perform.

We are working to fix a temporary problem with our sign-up service.
Please try again. .....maybe i don't want to :|

f* (* replaced with u)

"The Windows Live ID contains a word or phrase that is not allowed. Please try again."

i've got:

Faisal Islam said,
i've got:

Congratulations... now you're going to sell them? You're smart.

I complete all my details in the sign up page, and click on Submit I get the following error message:-

We are working to fix a temporary problem with our sign-up service.
Please try again.
Error code: 31

Error code:31:0x00000000::Wed, 7 Nov 2007 18:51:38 UTC

Anyone else having problems????

Funny, I can register a user fine, but cant register a user @ I get the error 31.

I wonder if this is related to country?

I wonder if there's a "check client ip matches country ip range" rule...

anybody know a way round it if there is?

I think that's exactly what it is bobbba. I followed mprost's link and it gave me which worked fine, no code 31 error.

had a friend with RDP acess to a US company site try to create a for me but it did not work so I think it might just be broken...

#36 Posted by mprost on 08 Nov 2007 - 07:54
go here and hit the "Get it" button, works for me

FYI: This works. The original story link should be changed.

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