Microsoft only offers Surface Pro firmware update today; no word on Surface Pro 2

The second Tuesday of the month is known as "Patch Tuesday" in developer circles, as Microsoft usually releases both security and software updates for its products on that date. Usually, that includes new firmware versions for Microsoft's Surface tablets but today Microsoft has confirmed to Neowin that only the Surface Pro model is getting such an update currently.

Microsoft's Surface history pages show that Surface Pro owners will get an update that will "improve the experience" of using the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 keyboards while using Windows 8. The Surface RT, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 received no such firmware updates today, although the Surface 2 did get a minor patch last week that fixed an error that was causing some owners to see a request to enter their BitLocker recovery key.

Owners of the Surface Pro 2 are still awaiting word when it will get a new firmware update, after the one released during "Patch Tuesday" in December was retracted a few days later due to battery and installation issues. At the time, Microsoft said that a new version would be released "after the holidays." We contacted the company today to get an update and a Microsoft spokesperson told us, "Our customers’ experiences are very important to us and we are working hard to release an update package as soon as possible."

Image via Microsoft

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I have surface pro 2 128GB and following the December firmware update I noticed that the tablet starts by itself when in sleep mode and drains the battery. The fan starts too at night (first time I thought I have a water pipe broken and leaking in the house). For the moment I changed the settings to full shut-down when I press the off button instead of going to sleep. It is still a nussance but more importantly I cannot believe that Microsoft can be so crass to basically ignore all the people who trusted them with their monies and bought these tablets against the wave of ipads and MS continues with the robotic answers to the question of when they are going to fix this issue! I am Australians so no chance of getting replacement tablets here!

what's with the obsession about Surface Firmware updates? There are no obvious problems with them ( I am sure John would of been first to report one xD )

Surface dock will not charge the surface if a firmware update is not installed. I found this out myself since support was of no use. So firmware does make a difference. But not complaining to much since their solution was to send me a new dock and they didn't want the old one. Free dock when it was just a firmware issue

Riva said,
what's with the obsession about Surface Firmware updates? There are no obvious problems with them ( I am sure John would of been first to report one xD )

The December firmware was very problematic for (some?) of the people that managed to get it to install. The SP2 no longer properly goes into sleep causing it to continuously drain battery. As soon as I unplug it I only have ~9 hours left to use it rather than ~9 hours of actual usage not including sleep.

I also have that issue, the Surface will not automatically go into sleep or hibernate mode and it looks as if charging doesn't work and stays at 5%-10% battery. However this is only a communication issue with the OS as in reality the battery is fully charged. You can 'reset' the battery level signal by shutting the device down and pressing Volume UP and the power button together for 10 seconds. Then boot up the device again, and the battery level will be good again.
Good luck!

Riva said,
Thank god I got the surface 2 then xD

Well, pretty sure they'll fix it eventually. Mine already got a few updates and it almost does not crash anymore when recovering from sleep, but it still happens.

PeterF said,
Mine around 6-9 hours depending on activities

Mine too. Really insane really, not having to worry anymore about battery

Disclaimer: had an Alienware m17x R3 before haha

Any word on availability? I've been trying to find a Surface 2 in my area for about a month and its been difficult and I have two Microsoft stores near me.