Microsoft: Over 17 million Xbox SmartGlass app downloads since launch

Microsoft launched the first version of the Xbox SmartGlass mobile app for Windows 8 in October and since then ports of the "second screen" app for the Xbox 360 have been released for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android platforms. This week, Microsoft revealed that the app has been downloaded over 17 million times, across all platforms.

The numbers came as part of a lecture during Microsoft's BUILD 2013 conference. As shown on the Channel 9 website, Microsoft seemed pleased with how app owners are using it. On average, Microsoft says a person spends about 16 minutes using the Xbox SmartGlass app for each specific application it controls on the Xbox 360.

The lecture, conducted by the Principal Program Manager of the SmartGlass division Rosa Thomas, also revealed some interesting features for how the app will work for the upcoming Xbox One console. One change is that each Xbox One console can handle up to 16 simultaneous SmartGlass app connections, versus just four connections for the Xbox 360.

While much of the session is highly technical, it offers a solid glimpse on how Microsoft plans to evolve Xbox SmartGlass on Xbox One to give more "second screen" experiences for the apps and the games that will be released for the console.

Source: Channel 9 | Image via Microsoft

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It would be so cool if we were able to control different devices with it too. let's say use "play to" from windows to windows phone, or backwards, etc.

I think that SmartGlass technology has a lot of potential. I hope that MS will not spoil it like MS did it with Kinect.

I would like to use it more, but on my WP I can't find the option to keep the screen from locking when the app is running...

I hope they boost it's ability quite a bit with the Xbox One and let you use it even more than what we've seen with the 360. I'd like to be able to, since we can multitask, use smartglass as a second screen to see and use the dashboard or other apps that are running while my TV is showing a video or a game etc. It seems like it should be perfect as a multitasking option.

I'm one of those 17 million but I rarely use it. There just isn't a lot of software that supports it. But hopefully this news will make developers consider it. Because I'll happily fire up the app if there is useful software support.

Smartglass is useless for me except for the onscreen controller which is pointless if I have my actual controller next to me. The default games app allows you to see your friends list and messages and send text messages. There is lots of potential with it, hopefully the xbox one syncs really well with windows phone.

I mainly use the app to enter those long games keys. Annoying do it on the controller.

Curious if this is unique downloads. I know I have downloaded it several times on one device.

This app is very impressive. However in many cases it fails to connect to xbox and I find myself using the good old remote again.

AtriusNY said,
This app is very impressive. However in many cases it fails to connect to xbox and I find myself using the good old remote again.

I find it trying connect before WiFi is connected all the time then fails to discover.