Microsoft Overcomes Final Vista Hurdles, Heads to RTM

Microsoft recently hit a severe bump on the road towards RTM (release to manufacturing) for Windows Vista. As of today, the bump has been ironed out. The software giant, however, will no longer arrive at RTM on October 25. The source of the delay was a nasty bug in build 5824 that caused horrific damages to upgrades from Windows XP. Microsoft finally fixed the problem last Friday with an internal build number 5840. No functional changes have been made, although new wallpapers and icons have been included in this latest build.

According to an internal timetable, Vista can still ship and meet its November and January launch, if RTM has arrived by November 8. The bad news is that every day closer to November 8 will kill off another language-specific version for the January launch. Mark November 8 on your calendars. On that Wednesday, either Vista will have already gone final or will be just out the door.

Link: Neowin Forum Discussion
News source: Paul Thurrott via Windows IT Pro

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I just realized how close it actually is from being released Like... November 8th is right around the corner..
Even if it's January it's really soon.
I haven't personally tried Vista but I hear it still needs a lot of work. I'm in no rush to get it anyway - so I'd rather wait until they get the majority of the kinks out and have something good right out-of-the-box.

Quote - Neomac v6 said @ #6
Guess it's safe for Apple to start revealing Leopard's top-secret features!

One feature that I would like to see is the option to buy the MAC OS to install on your own computer.

Quote - alister said @ #6.1
One feature that I would like to see is the option to buy the MAC OS to install on your own computer.

That sounds like a good idea... the hardware is expensive! I wanna check them out tho - see how much better they really are :P

When windows xp shipped there was an event here on long island. I am hoping they have one again. There was an article of an event somewhere in ny for vista so hopefully there will be one here.

Nice! Glad to see RTM finally coming around. Good to get reason as to why there was a delay. Vista is shaping up to be a great OS, all we need now are great drivers for it. Drivers for the new stacks are still a little immature imo. Hopefully devs will now focus on driver development that RTM is virtually here.