Microsoft Paint time-lapse makes our paint skills look inferior

Microsoft Paint is one of the company’s oldest applications. The product first shipped with Windows 1.0 but it was a licensed version of the application at that time; with Windows 95, Microsoft introduced a new, homegrown, version of paint.

Since Windows 95, the Paint application has been sparingly updated. Even though the application is a basic painting tool, that doesn’t mean you can’t create some awesome artwork. Sure, the Adobe Creative suite certainly eclipses Paint but hey, it’s the holidays and when someone can whip up a damn good Santa Claus in a decades old application, we thought we would share it.

The video above comes from YouTube and shows Santa Clause being created in a time-lapse video that totaled more than 9 hours of screen recording.

The final video shows an incredibly well done image of Santa Claus made entirely in Paint and makes watching the 2-minute long video worth your time.

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It's clear from comments that many are imagining the source is solely within the artist's head. Most do not grok that's he's tracing over an original photo with a tablet. This is less like Da Vinci and more like what cake decorators do, icing over an image projected onto a cake from an opaque projector.

This could be a fake, or one of those computer automators designed to perfectly enter commands into a computer program like a bot. They use those in games a lot, to play Mario 64 for example and enter each command in a perfect matter, basically scripting it all. Here he could have used a bot to take a predone photo realistic image, recreating it in paint..

Artists could use paint to do this but he has no proof he did this by hand, mouse and keyboard...

Its so impressive, he really should have some proof. Like a video recording shooting himself doing it all..

Sadly, this - like that Morgan Freeman hoax recently - is FAKE!!!

How do we know? Look at the title bar of the MS paint app - it reads "Untitled - Paint" for the ENTIRE time - meaning that it was NEVER saved!! (Even if it were to be saved with the name "Untitled", the title bar would have changed to read " - Paint" (where .xxx is the extension it was saved under i.e. .png, .bmp) - the fact that this extension is missing proves that either the image was never saved (hardly credible if this indeed did take 9 hours to create and wasn't saved once).. or instead the whole thing is just another elaborate HOAX!!

What if they never saved? Windows 7 doesn't exactly have any issue running for a month at a time, and Paint certainly isn't a notorious crasher.

Not true. I just opened paint and before I saved it said " Untitled - Paint". Then once I saved it as a png with the default name Untitled it said "Untitled - Paint."

Not sure if flaim buth over here, Paint keeps saying "Naamloos - Paint", even after saving it (that's the Dutch replacement for "Untitled - Paint", however, that's Windows 8.1, but Paint hasn't been updated since Windows 7. What does you think that this is a hoax is just a default setting in Windows.

Did you notice the recent colors flying by as he used each one? It doesn't show the color picker, so he probably just cut out a lot of stuff that would make it less pleasant to watch.

Brony said,
Sheesh, another hoax.

btw, check this REAL time lapse

Note, it is not viable to do the details without zooming. Also the way to works looks fake, drawing details at random.

A hoax that faked all of Paints interface animations including pointer location, color picker and file size? If you want to make a hoax that does this correctly, you're faster when you actualy make it then making a hoax out of it.

deadonthefloor said,
9 hours for photorealistic santa in MS Paint.

200h for photorealistic Morgan Freeman on iPad.


add color and it would be up there too i imagine.

The youtube description for Santa: Made with a Wacom tablet and a Windows 7 laptop. Total time: 9 hours of screen capture.

I am still skeptical of the iPad photorealistic of Freeman. 200 hours of drawing assuming 8 hrs per day is 25 days. That's basically a month of work 40 hrs per week. Makes me wonder how more efficient if the artist used a Surface Pro instead.

Goes to show you don't need fancy expensive programs to make good products.

However, I would bet this was done using a tablet.