Microsoft Partners with Top Social Networks

Today Microsoft is announcing some significant developments to the Windows Live platform that demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to data portability and giving users a choice of how to use and control their information.

John Richards, Director of Windows Live Platform announced :

"Microsoft has partnered with some of the world's top social networks on contact data portability. Starting today, we will be working with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged and LinkedIn to exchange functionally-similar Contacts APIs, allowing us to create a safe, secure two-way street for users to move their relationships between our respective services. Along with these collaborations, Microsoft is introducing a new website at that people can visit to invite their friends from our partner social networks to join their Windows Live Messenger contact list."

The collaborations with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, LinkedIn and Tagged will make it easier, safer, and more secure for people to have access to their contacts and relationships from more places on the web. These networks will be adopting the Windows Live Contacts API instead of "screen-scraping." Starting today, you can visit and to find your friends using the Windows Live Contacts API. Hi5, Tagged and LinkedIn will be live in the coming months.

View: Windows Live Dev

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Looks like it... MS wants to play nice with you... as long as you can help them pose a threat to their enemies or as long as you pose no threat to them. It's business tactics... Look, they're developing an API that obviously people will have to license for commercial use, and it ties those web site developers into using MS's software, and maybe it'll push silverlight on the end user too for some features. Why wouldn't MS jump on this opportunity?

I'm pretty sure Google owns part of Facebook which makes it that much weirder. And there's the news post before this saying Yahoo supports Google with social applications. So are they taking Google's side and still not letting Microsoft buy them out? Could the two biggest search engines become one?

First give us decent integration between Live Contacts, Windows Contacts, Live Messenger, Windows Mail, Live Mail, Dead Mail and Outlook.

I like the idea of being able to see who is online from anywhere in the world, using the most common sites.

+1 for the idea!
+1 for first comment